Al Jazeera prepares reportage on Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and IDPs - VIDEO

Al Jazeera prepares reportage on Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and IDPs - VIDEO
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  • calendar-gray 01 October 2020

Qatar based Al Jazeera Media Network has prepared reportage on Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno Karabakh conflict and internally displaced persons (IDPs) from occupied territories of Azerbaijan, APA reports.

While speaking about the IDPs from Naogrno Karabakh the presenter talks with one of the IDPs from Fizuli region of the Azerbaijan: "Mehmed Muradov has been using these crutches for years the was injured after stepping on a landmine while defending his village in Azerbaijan's Fizuli district against Armenia's occupation in 1991. He lost the foot and the home since then Mehmed and his siblings have been displaced and living in this dormitory from the Soviet era near the capital baku there are at least 100 other displaced families here army was just being established back then we had to defend ourselves but we didn't have any weapons but Russia armed armenians we had farms animals back home and i had a dream to be a diplomat but it didn't happen Mehmed's brother Nusrat is also a veteran in 1992 he was hit by a bullet on his right arm which is now six centimeters shorter than his left yet he survived another battle with Armenia in 1994 with two fragments in his skull he is now dependent on medication," says the reportage.

Then, Al Jazeera correspondent speaks with Farid ShafiyevChairman of the Center of Analysis of International Relations: "The current escalation we should consider from the new military doctrine. Armenian military doctrine adopted in and declared in march 2019 when minister of defense of armenia david tanayan declared that the armenia advances idea of new war for new territories,"


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