Azerbaijan’s MFA spokesperson comments on Pashinyan’s visit to Shusha on the occasion of “Victory Day”

Azerbaijan’s MFA spokesperson comments on Pashinyan’s visit to Shusha on the occasion of “Victory Day”
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  • calendar-gray 09 May 2020

Head of press service of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Azerbaijan Leyla Abdullayeva has commented on the visit of Armenian Prime Minister to occupied Azerbaijani city Shusha on the occasion of “Victory Day”, Leyla Abdullayeva told APA

Leyla Abdullayeva stated that talking about “victory”, “peace” and “security” by Prime Minister of the country that violated the norms and principles of international law, keeping Azerbaijani territories under military occupation for nearly 30 years and violating the fundamental rights of more than one million Azerbaijanis, as well as made glorification of fascist criminals the norm of life is the ultimate limit of hypocrisy.

“"Ignoring the demands of the entire international community, including UN Security Council resolutions, to end the occupation of Azerbaijan's internationally recognized territories, Pashinyan delivering “victory” speech in the occupied Azerbaijani city Shusha, apparently understands that this irresponsible behavior, which justifies Armenia's groundless territorial claims against Azerbaijan, undermines the possibility of a peaceful solution to the conflict.

This behavior of the Armenian leadership clearly shows that the aggressor country has demonstrated a falsifier  position typical to the occupier country in the negotiations on the settlement of the conflict, and its only goal is to strengthen the dangerous status quo based on the occupation.

 However remind that Armenia’s this intention will never come true. Azerbaijan which is unambiguously supported by international law, inbternational justice and international community, will liberate its territories from occupation and will ensure its territorial integrity within the framework of its international borders. There is no other way to resolve the conflict and ensure peace and security in the region,” the spokesperson of MFA stressed.


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