Azerbaijani MFA: Resolution, adopted by French National Assembly, has no legal force

Azerbaijani MFA: Resolution, adopted by French National Assembly, has no legal force
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  • calendar-gray 04 December 2020

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan (MFA) has commented on a resolution, adopted by French National Assembly, the press service of the MFA told APA.

Adoption of a resolution entitled “Protection of Armenian people and Christian communities in Europe and the East” by the French National Assembly in the next completely groundless, unfriendly, and provocative activity of the French Parliament.

It has been noted that the adoption of a biased resolution by the Lower House after the Senate indicates a sustainable campaign against Azerbaijan.

“As it is seen from the name of the resolution, members of National Assembly, who do not have any relation with reality, want to add religious shades to the issue, try to present their pro-Armenian position with fake justification.

Azerbaijan is a multinational and multi-confessional state, where people from different religions and ethnic affiliations live in harmony and peace as a family. We reject attempts to presenting the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict as an interreligious and inter-civilizations confrontation, resolutely condemn such an approach, which is a serious threat to peace and security.

This resolution does not have legal power. However, as it was in Senate’s case, taking into consideration the political meaning of the document of National Assembly, we would like to stress that these fundamentally wrong resolutions contradict with norms and principles of international law, UN Charter and Helsinki Final Act, UN Security Council resolutions dated 1993, as well as existing bilateral documents between Azerbaijan and France.

This step of the French legislative body inflicts a serious blow to the country’s meditating mandate, as well as casts a shadow on bilateral relations.

It should also be stressed that French National Assembly has never held a hearing regarding the one million Azerbaijanis who have been subjected to ethnic cleansing and fundamental human rights violations, so far and has not adopted any resolution. This clearly demonstrates the full biased position of the French legislative body.

Demonstrating of approach by National Assembly, which contradicts with the provisions of the statement dated November 10, between Azerbaijani, Armenian and Russian leaders, causes serious damage to the attempts to ensure peace and security both in the region and global level.

We would like to note that on the adoption of an unfounded and biased resolution by the National Assembly the French ambassador to Azerbaijan will be summoned to the Foreign Ministry and the resolute protest of Azerbaijani side will be brought to the attention of the other side."


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