Azerbaijani President: “If war continues, we will destroy Armenia’s whole army”

Azerbaijani President: “If war continues, we will destroy Armenia’s whole army”
  • Clock-gray 15:18
  • calendar-gray 14 October 2020

“It is said that Turkey provides military assistance to Azerbaijan. As you know that Turkey is our brother. Our fraternal relations have already passed great tests. We purchase military equipment from Turkey, but we also buy from other countries. We purchase from Russia, Israel, Belarus, Iran, and Ukraine, east European countries, as well as from Turkey. Now Turkey has developed a military-industrial complex. Why should not we buy?” said President Ilham Aliyev in his interview with Haber Turk TV channel on October 13, APA reports.

 “Now look at what Armenia is doing? We purchase. I have a full list, it will be published later. But I would like to draw your attention to several issues. During these two weeks, more than 200 Armenian tanks were destroyed and 33 tanks were taken as a trophy. In other words, 233 Armenian tanks are under our control. Then two S-300s were destroyed. Everyone knows the price of each. Then air defense systems - OSA-35 were destroyed. TOR, KUB, KRUG, cargo cars, anti-tank weapons. If you calculate all of them, only the destroyed and equipment taken as a trophy is worth 1-2 billion dollars. The question is, poor Armenia, where did you find this money? Have you purchased this? No. It was given to you. Everyone knows who gave it. They give and keep doing,” the head of the state noted.

Azerbaijani President noted that after clashing in the Tovuz region, the conflict stopped on July 16, starting from July 17, Cargo planes carried weapons to Armenia every day: “ Are there funds in the state budget of Armenia? There are not. Armenia's foreign exchange reserves are $ 1.5 billion. That is all. Armenia has no other money. Its foreign debt is about $ 8 billion. That is, the country has gone bankrupt.  Where is so much equipment which merely destroyed and will be destroyed after now from? If the war continues, we will destroy its whole army, the whole army!

Therefore, the sooner they stop the war, the more they can save their tanks and artillery. For the present, there are many in the territory of Armenia. Russia has a military base in Armenia, there are 5 thousand soldiers there. Does Turkey have a military base in Azerbaijan? It does not have. Armenia's border with Iran and Turkey are guarded by Russian border guards. Are there Turkish border guards on the Azerbaijani border? There are not. Therefore, no one should accuse us. Otherwise, as they say, we may let the cat out of the bag, there is such proverb."


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