Azerbaijani President: “Military-political way is most admissible way”

Azerbaijani President: “Military-political way is most admissible way”
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  • calendar-gray 15 October 2020

“We have already announced several times our position on this issue. I also said this. I still remain in my opinion. Almost all the messages addressed to us from all places-it was not only in this period but also in the previous period that there is no military solution to this issue. We did not react to this ahead of time. Let them say so. It is their opinion, and our opinion is that this conflict to be resolved peacefully, but to be resolved. However what do we see?! 30 years do not yield to any result,” said President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev in his interview with Turkey’s NTV television channel on October 15, APA reports.

Azerbaijani President noted that Armenia during 30 years, this ceasefire regime deployed strong engineering and fortification facilities in the occupied territories: Today, as a result of the professionalism and courage of the Azerbaijani Army, we are destroying those fortifications. For 30 years, Armenia has tried to keep these territories under occupation, not to create peace. Because if it was inclined to peace, why would it build these fortifications in Fuzuli, Jabrayil or Agdam? You are building in order to keep these territories under your control at all times. In other words, the ceasefire period led to this.  After this, Armenian leadership became more outrageous. See what Pashinyan says, what his Defense Minister says. Defence Minister was saying that they will wage a new war against Azerbaijan for new territories. It was an open threat to us. Pashinyan was saying that “Karabakh is Armenia and dot”. It means that one inch of territories will not be given to us. Then what peaceful solutions to this are possible? I said that we were now in the process of resolving the issue in military ways. And then may the diplomatic phase begin. That is, our approach is to resolve this issue through military-political means. It cannot be solved by merely military ways. I accept it. Following the active battle stage, the parties should think about a peace agreement and do it. In other words, there will be political ways. Therefore, the military-political way is the most acceptable way. We want to stop the military way. However, Armenia still thinks that it will return the lost territories– in other words, territories that were liberated by us. That's why they are constantly attacking us on the battlefield."


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