CMO Chairman: My heart ached when I saw Aghdam

CMO Chairman: My heart ached when I saw Aghdam
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  • calendar-gray 07 April 2021

"Today we arrived in one of the most beautiful corners of Azerbaijan and Karabakh, Aghdam," the chairman of the Caucasus Muslims Office, Shekhulislam Allahshukur Pashazadeh told journalists during a visit to Aghdam together with the leaders of the country's religious confessions, APA reports.

According to him, earlier he often came to Agdam: “I came to Agdam back in 1975. There were very few mosques at that time. Due to the fact that the Aghdam Juma Mosque was open, I often came here. I appointed Molla Barat as the akhund of this mosque. Allah rest his soul. At one time I performed namaz, prayed where I performed it some time ago. This mosque is very dear to me. By the will of Allah, we liberated our lands from the Armenian occupation. Our army under the leadership of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev liberated our lands in 44 days."

A. Pashazadeh noted that Agdam has always been famous for its beauty, buildings, people: “My heart ached when I saw Aghdam. The head of the Jewish community, His Holiness Milich, said that now the place looks more like Hiroshima. I've seen people risking their lives looking for mines here. They want to clear these lands of mines. This means that we are the owners of these lands. The Armenians were not. The aim of the Armenians was vandalism, the destruction of all our lands. We also visited the graves of our martyrs who died for Karabakh. There are more than 150 martyrs' graves in the cemetery. Many of them have been destroyed. This is inhuman. Armenians, including pro-Armenian forces around the world, have always supported this. Our victory is a great victory for the Islamic world. It is the duty of each of us to protect this victory and revive it. I must also note that during these 44 days, our religious leaders fought shoulder to shoulder with our military. Among them, there are those who became martyrs, and there are those who were injured. These lands are dear to us, this victory was not given to us for nothing. Therefore, today it is our duty to protect these lands, both from internal and external influences ”.

The chairman of the CMO said that there is an impression that today some people in Azerbaijan are not very happy with the liberation of our lands from occupation: "I would really like these people to understand that the land is very dear, dear like a mother."


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