Community chairman: "What right has Armenia to use chess game as tool for implementation of its dirty goal?"

Community chairman: "What right has Armenia to use chess game as tool for implementation of its dirty goal?"
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  • calendar-gray 12 December 2019

Tural Ganjaliyev, Head of “Azerbaijani community of Nagorno Garabagh region of Azerbaijan Republic” has issued statement regarding the submission by Armenia to UN General Assembly of the draft resolution entitled as the World Chess Day under the items named as “Sport for development and peace: to build peaceful and better world focused on sport and Olympic goals” and “peace culture”, APA reports.

The statement says that Armenia once again tries to present itself to the world under a mask of “peaceful country and solidarity supporter”: “In fact, this points to a hypocritical and dirty feature of Armenian government hidden behind the curtain of the false supreme values.

What right has Armenia to talk about peace and solidarity and to try to turn the chess game into a tool of implementation of its dirty goal when this country has caused killings of thousands of our compatriots, retention of hundreds of our people in Armenian captivity under terrible tortures, occupation of 20 percent of our lands, driving out of their native lands and ethnic cleansing of over one million people?

As it is known, there was a great chess tradition in the Garabagh region of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Solely, before the occupation of our lands, thousands of teenagers were learning secrets of this intelligence game at Kalbajar and Shusha chess schools. I was one of those teenagers. My father was the director of Shusha Chess School and it further enhanced my passion for chess. I had participated in chess tournaments held in Nagorno Garabagh many times. My greatest wish was to become a famous chess player in the future. I am sure if our lands had not been occupied the names of the students of Garabagh chess school would have been ranked at the same level as the chess champions of the world.

It is noted in the statement that as a result of Armenian invasion, building of Shusha Chess School was also destroyed like other areas of Nagorno Garabagh: “It is disgusting Armenia, causing not only destruction of lives of people, but also ruin of sport and cultural centers with nice traditions, talk about high values. Does the Armenian government really think it is so easy to mislead the world community?! Is not it ridiculous Armenia, ignoring resolutions of a prestigious organization such as the UN Security Council, releases a document on Chess Day in this Supreme Organization?
The world community should acknowledge the main concept of invader Armenia and understand that high values such as peace and solidarity, are strange for officials of this country.

Unlike Armenia, as the Azerbaijani Community of the Nagorno Garabagh region of the Republic of Azerbaijan, we declare that we will restore destroyed chess traditions on the condition of co-existence of two communities in condition of fair and permanent peace within internationally recognized borders of Azerbaijan after returning to our native lands and the world will witness it.”


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