Every inch of paradise Lachin - REPORTAGE - PHOTOS - VIDEO

Every inch of paradise Lachin - REPORTAGE - PHOTOS - VIDEO
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APA employees toured the territories liberated from the occupation by the Azerbaijani army under the leadership of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev. Our employees have prepared a series of reports from these territories under the heading "In the wake of victory". We present another reportage from this series from Lachin district:

As a family...

We are guests of brave, hero sons of Motherland, who are guarding state border of Lachin district with Armenia. Stain on our foreheads was removed thanks to these brave sons, longing of 30 years in our chest ended thanks to the courage sons who gained victory in the Patriotic War at the expense of their lives.

We will stay in the room, prepared for us in Garigishlag village of Lachin. Door-windows of the room were destroyed and taken by Armenians. Our militaries put on the window cellophane and woods and were able to prevent cold.

I return and go out. The temperature is 7-8 degrees  cold outside. Conversation with militaries is very enjoyable. They talk about everything – about heroism of their friends, martyred in the Patriotic War, fleeing of Armenians leaving behind posts and without looking back. Sounds of smile, laughter reflect in Lachin mountains. The Commander of the military unit sometimes comes and joins the conversation. In fact, here can be called not a military unit, but a family. A family, which has elder and small members. Everyone knows their places.

As we talk with our militaries, our certainty in Motherland’s, its borders’ being in reliable hands, increases much more.

Talking with brave sons, who do not pull their fingers from the trigger of a weapon, even if they are frozen, without blinking their lashes in the snowy mountains of Lachin makes proud a person. Words of “We must do many works in order to realize wishes of our martyrs. We must always be aware of the enemy. We bow in front of parents of our martyrs. Main point is that their blood was not left unrevenged, the Homeland territories, for which they sacrificed their lives, are free today” are said by all.

 Miraculous Minkand

We spent the night warmly and conveniently as a mother embrace in our uncomfortable bed. As the weather was getting lighter, we got up together with our soldiers. Water froze in all containers. I head for bank of Minkand River. I wash my face and hands with water, which is fresh like tear and coming from mountains. Soldiers make jokes and say to each other that “May not to return back, a person will not infect with coronavirus here”.

I miss for seeing interesting and scenic places which I have been asking militaries from the last day. So we leave for Minkand…

Minkand, is just a miracle. No matter how much I praise it, if someone comes and sees it later, he will say that I said little. Fresh river, running from mountains, caves, raging along the left bank. 2 great boiling springs in the right bank in 20 meter away from river. Distance between the boiling springs is not more than 50 meters. One of them is drinkable, mineral, another is sulfur water. They are boiling and running without a break. If it is not a miracle, then what?

Mineral water is called "Turshsu", and sulfur water is called "Istisu" among people. I taste the water. How did Armenians plunder our national wealth for 28 years?! Perhaps, they obtained millions from this medicinal water...

I head to the caves. Armenians tried to earn all kinds of money from ancient human settlements. The large caves were used as a cafe-pavilion, and pigs and small horned animals were maintained in the small caves housed. Caves were closed with snow. The voice of our servicemen comes from behind: "Be careful, Armenians may have planted a mine."

When I look around, I notice the absence of electric poles. So where did they get electricity? I go up along the Minkand River. I found the answer to this question. Armenians cut off the narrow part of the river and built a small hydroelectric power station. But when they left, they destroyed and took it. It becomes clear that they used small hydropower plants in these areas, mostly on rivers. They either took it with them or destroyed it while leaving. Therefore, there is no electricity in the area.

260-year-old Hamza Sultan Palace

Every part of this place is very interesting. There are so many places to walk and see…We visit Hamza Sultan palace in the village of Husulu. It is said in the historical documents that the palace has been built in 1761. The palace has been a big complex before, but only a building palace has reached to our time. In terms of architecture and engineering, the building seems to be one of the magnificent constructions of its period. The door and windows of the building have been made from walnut trees with delicate finishes. Oriental architectural traditions were widely used in the construction of the building. The palace building has been built of local stones and a mixture of limestone.

There is information that Armenians have used the building as a hotel. In fact, it is said that they have turned this building into an immoral nest.
This place will be a paradise again.

The around of the palace is very beautiful. To be honest, because I am faced with a beautiful landscape, I do not want to return back. But I have to return. Our work has not yet done. We return back, turn left and go to the village with the former name of Molla Ahmadli and the current name of Ahmadli.

Firstly, the stray dogs welcomed us here. It makes our hearts ache for the dog to wrap itself around our heads and jump out of joy. Armenians did not take their dogs with them. There is nothing to give them with us. We just win their hearts by loving their necks.....

Ahmadli village is surrounded by mountains from both sides. There are a lot of caves with ancient settlements. Armenian have also kept pigs in these caves. They have made partitions with iron parcels, which they removed from the graves. When you climb to the height of the village and look, it seems that once upon a time, there was a beautiful settlement. I have heard that there are beautiful orchards not only here, but also in all villages along the river. They have said that most of them are apple, pear, and walnut trees. But now, there is no sign from those trees. But, I saw the mountains at its place, these lands, whose stones and soil are truly golden, are still standing. There is little left. These lands will be in heaven soon.
Because the owners of the land have already come. Azerbaijanis have always taken possession of their ancestral homeland and will take. So, the day ends. In fact, our visit to Lachin ends. Tomorrow is a double day of the week- the day that Azerbaijanis will use the Lachin corridor. We have to wake up at 06:00 in the morning and go to the post where the Russian peacekeepers are, and join the caravan of the car which they will pass through the Lachin corridor. Why I have to tell lie, I do not want to return. Staying here, living here, getting older here pass from a person's heart. In heaven ...



Habil Aslanoglu

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