Heads of media visit Shahbulag Castle in Aghdam

Heads of media visit Shahbulag Castle in Aghdam
  • Clock-gray 18:22
  • calendar-gray 13 March 2021

Heads of media, NGOs, and social media activists, who are on a visit to Aghdam, have visited Shahbulag Castle, established by Panahali khan, APA reports.

Armenians destroyed the museum in the Shahbulag while leaving Aghdam. Armenians damaged the historicity of the castle, established by Panahali khan in the 1750s, by constructing a new castle on the remains of the castle, created a so-called "museum" with the title of "Tigranakert" within the castle.

Results of archeological excavations, conducted in the territory of Shahbulag, have been placed in the museum. Armenians looted by taking museum exhibits with themselves while leaving Aghdam.

Habil Aslanoglu

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