Khalaf Khalafov: “Co-chairs are always satisfied with general statement"

Khalaf Khalafov: “Co-chairs are always satisfied with general statement"
  • Clock-gray 16:51
  • calendar-gray 15 July 2020

Serious dissatisfactions regarding the activity of the Minsk group is increasing in Azerbaijan society, Deputy FM of Azerbaijan Khalaf Khalafov said at the meeting with French ambassador Zakhari Gross, APA reports.

Deputy Minister noted that OSCE Minsk group is always satisfied with a general statement, instead of making open calls to Armenia to end its occupant policy and adhere to norms and principles of international law.

Kh. Khalafov stressed that the artificial prolongation of solution of the conflict will pave the way for wider regional conflicts by creating favorable conditions for new risks and challenges to the regional stability and security.
He said the Republic of Armenia by taking these criminal steps has demonstrated how insistent it is in continuation of its aggressive policy that has been conducted for 30 years and has resulted in keeping under occupation over 20% of the Azerbaijani lands.


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