Omar Alakbarov: "Armenian soldiers stole food from captives"

Omar Alakbarov: "Armenian soldiers stole food from captives"
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  • calendar-gray 05 January 2021

"They did not give us food, but water. After we were taken to the detention center, food arrived. However, Armenian soldiers stole food from the captives," Omar Alakbarov, a serviceman held in Armenian captivity, said this at a press conference today, APA reports.

He said that they were torturing the prisoners: “I was put to bed so that I could see the kitchen. They took the food from the captives and gave us some of it. They forced their fingers to repeat what we said. If we did not repeat it, they would torture me even more. They would hit our wounds. We fainted from the pain. They were trying to do something to our internal organs. One of my eyes didn't see. They threatened to repeat what we said or we would take out the other eye. The nurses deliberately removed the needle. He inserted a needle into each vein 15-20 times to make it painful. Doctors injected alcohol into our skin with a syringe. They put so much alcohol under our skin that both my arms were black. They liked our screaming. Then we did not shout. But they were tortured less in prison and given orders."



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