Russian deputy: "Situation on Azerbaijan-Armenia border escalated as result of provocation of Armenian side"

Russian deputy: "Situation on Azerbaijan-Armenia border escalated as result of provocation of Armenian side"
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"Armenia uses the territorial conflict solution of which has been protracted in order to distract the attention of its citizens from the failure of the country’s leaders to overcome the crisis developed as a result of the pandemic”, said in his interview with APA’s Moscow correspondent the deputy of the Liberal Democratic Party faction of the Russian State Duma (lower chamber of the Russian Parliament), the head of the Russian-Azerbaijani inter-parliamentary friendship group Dmitri Savelyev while commenting on the situation on Armenia-Azerbaijan border and the provocation of the Armenian side.

"The very tense social situation already predominated in this country before spread of coronavirus. The world economic crisis, the numerous death cases among the people infected with coronavirus and recorded in Armenia further complicated everything", D. Savelyev stressed.

The Russian deputy specially noted that unlike Armenia, Azerbaijan allocated quite great funds for helping its own citizens and supporting the business, as well as provided serious financial and humanitarian aid to dozens of states, and allocated funds to the World Health Organization: "Besides, Azerbaijan’s leaders came up with initiative to hold special session of the UN General Assembly for exchange of experience in the area of fight against COVID-19 pandemic. This proposal of Azerbaijan was supported by Russia and all the remaining UN member countries. Meanwhile, Armenia’s officials couldn’t think up any better proposal than the escalation of the Garabagh conflict".

D. Savelyev said the situation on Armenia-Azerbaijan border escalated as a result of the Armenian provocation: "The behavior of the Armenian officials calling on Russia and member countries of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) to interfere in the conflict escalated as a result of the Armenian provocation is the best proof of who and for what purposes started the armed clashes at the times when the whole world is making efforts to fight against the pandemic".

The Russian deputy also said that Armenia is not going to execute any agreement: "It is also known that Armenia is not goring to fulfill any agreement in the nearest future. Look, we have been witnessing for more than 30 years that Armenia only protracted the negotiations and didn’t made even a small step in the area of settlement of Nagorno Garabagh conflict in the framework of the international law".

Farid Akbarov

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