Sergei Markov: The fact that Armenia does not provide minefield maps to Azerbaijan is a war crime

Sergei Markov: The fact that Armenia does not provide minefield maps to Azerbaijan is a war crime
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  • calendar-gray 19 February 2021

“For about 30 years, Armenia has mined a large part of occupied territories of Azerbaijan. So, today main duty is to clear these territories of mines” said the Director of the Russian Institute for Political Studies,  political scientist Sergei Markov, APA’s Moskow bureau reports.

According to him, a few things are important for demining of the territories: “The first and important one of them is a map. The Armenian side is obliged to give those maps to the Russian peacekeepers and Azerbaijani side. Now, we see that more than 3 months have passed since the statement dated November 10. But there is not any map. They claim that there are no maps. This is not understandable. We have not seen anybody that stepped on mine from the Armenian side until the war. Also, Armenian villagers have not planted those mines there. Armenian military servicemen have done this. They have made a map to avoid stepping on the mine themselves. For this reason, I am sure that, there is a map of the mined territories".

According to the political scientist, not giving those maps to the Azerbaijani side is a war crime: "Providing a map of minefields should be the number one political challenge today. The second important point is the involvement of international organizations in the demining process. The fact is that even with the help of Russia and Turkey, Azerbaijan cannot completely clear these territories of mines. The world has created a grandiose international system for clearing mines from post-conflict regions. Of course, Azerbaijan has its own mine clearance specialists, Russian and Turkish sappers help them in this. But the area of ​​mined territories is very large, hundreds of square kilometers. Therefore, it is very important to involve international organizations in this. Before that, it is important to secure the peace agreement between Azerbaijan and Armenia by the decision of the UN Security Council. To completely clear the territories from mines, you need to complete this chain process."

Farid Akbarov

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