Sergey Markov: “Violation of principle of neutralism may put legitimacy of activity of Russian peacekeepers in Karabakh under blow”

Sergey Markov: “Violation of principle of neutralism may put legitimacy of activity of Russian peacekeepers in Karabakh under blow”
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  • calendar-gray 14 December 2020

“Violation of principle of neutralism may put the legitimacy of activity of Russian peacekeepers in the region under blow,” said the director of Russia’s Political Researches Institute, famous politician Sergey Markov while commenting on changing the map of the territories monitored by the Russian Peacekeeping Forces in Nagorno-Karabakh in his interview with APA’s Moscow correspondent.

He said that Russian President Vladimir Putin pays great attention to the regulation of conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh: “Russia has a positive role in the regulation of the conflict. Russia gave an opportunity to Azerbaijan and Armenia to end the war and reach a peace agreement. Vladimir Putin gave an order to Russian peacekeeping forces to move in accordance with their mandates. It means Russian peacekeepers’ keeping an exact neutral position and acting in the form agreed with just both countries – Azerbaijan and Armenia. Any kind of violation of the principle can put legitimacy of Russian peacekeepers in the region under the blow. That is why any deviation from the principles means violation of order of President Vladimir Putin to peacekeepers.”

Russian political expert also stressed possibility of listening of peacekeepers in Karabakh to position of the Armenian side much more: “I think several Russian peacekeepers are in contact with Armenia traditionally, it is possible with Armenia’s Defense Ministry, Armenian armed units in Nagorno Karabakh. Maybe, Russian peacekeepers listen to the sound of the Armenian side much more. Because Russian peacekeepers keep more contact with them. I think that righteous anger, concern of Azerbaijani public have serious grounds and this anger should be kept out of focus by Russia, it will not be kept…”

S. Markov noted importance of establishment of close contact between the Azerbaijani side and Russian peacekeeping forces: I think solution to the situation is not putting legitimacy of Russian peacekeepers under suspect, establishment of a channel of close contact, communication of the Azerbaijani side with peacekeepers. I think that Russian peacekeepers will act in relevance with decisions, agreed by Azerbaijan and Armenia at the same time. If there is a contradictory situation, then it should be solved at the negotiation table. In general, I think, in Karabakh line of territories, controlled by peacekeepers and Azerbaijan currently, should be exactly noted. There can be disagreements. These disagreements also can take time a bit. There is a fearful thing here. Such things always happen. Russia exactly recognizes whole Nagorno-Karabakh’s being an integral part of Azerbaijan. I consider negotiations regarding at which stage and when Azerbaijani administration fully control law-rules in the whole territory of Nagorno Karabakh will start soon.”

Farid Akbarov

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