Tural Ganjaliyev: “We have sent protest letter to members of Canadian parliament”

Tural Ganjaliyev: “We have sent protest letter to members of Canadian parliament”
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  • calendar-gray 02 June 2020

“We have sent a protest letter to the members of the Canadian parliament”, said the deputy Tural Ganjaliyev during discussion of current issues at the meeting of the Azerbaijani Parliament held today, APA reports.

He said previously, he already expressed protest on his own behalf and on behalf of the Azerbaijani community of Nagorno Garabagh region of Azerbaijan against sending of the “congratulation letter” to the representative of the so-called regime established by Armenia on the occupied territories of Azerbaijan by the member of the Canadian Parliament Rachel Harder:

“The assistant to Rachel Harder is the Canadian citizen of the Armenian origin. Most likely, that assistant provided false information to the deputy Rachel Harder. It would be good if the deputy would clarify such information after obtaining it and if she would take a step after studying this conflict issue in the unbiased way. Canada recognizes territorial integrity of Azerbaijan”.

Meanwhile, the deputy Ramil Hasan noted that as his colleague Tural Ganjaliyev said, the Azerbaijani parliament has the inter-parliamentary friendship groups with 82 countries: “The President’s speech at the first meeting held here should be the guide to action for each of us. The head of the state talked about the assertive diplomacy. Proceeding from his speech, we should use the advantages of the assertive diplomacy in the friendship groups”.

Firuza Vahid

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