Turkish Ambassador: "Garabagh is Homeland for us just as Anadolu"

Turkish Ambassador: "Garabagh is Homeland for us just as Anadolu"
  • Clock-gray 13:09
  • calendar-gray 16 September 2020

"Garabagh is also Homeland for us just as Anadolu", said Turkish Ambassador to Azerbaijan Erkan Ozoral in the live broadcasting of APA TV.

He said that occupation of Karabakh is like the occupation of their own land: "These lands must be liberated soon. We heartily wish return of our internally-displaced compatriots, expelled from their native lands, to their homes. Positive result has not been achieved in the negotiations with OSCE Minsk Group so far. There is a great injustice for 30 years, but nobody took a measure for elimination of this injustice. We warn OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs. Anger of Azerbaijan will grow much more, as long as the injustice is not eliminated. Our greatest priority is solution of Garabagh issue with diplomatic ways. However, our opposite side should also know that patience of all has limits. Azerbaijan tolerated in this matter enough."


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