Turkish FM: “Both friend and enemy saw that path to peace and stability passes through Turkey"

Turkish FM: “Both friend and enemy saw that path to peace and stability passes through Turkey"
  • Clock-gray 13:59
  • calendar-gray 24 November 2020

“November 9 night the leaders of Russia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia declared ceasefire regime with a joint statement. You also saw, the statement was welcomed with enthusiasm by Azerbaijani people,” said Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu in his speech during the budget discussions at the parliament, APA’s Turkey bureau reports.

The minister noted that he individually witnessed this enthusiasm in Baku.

He stressed he supports the trilateral statement: “This statement once again confirmed that Azerbaijan is right and its territorial integrity. Second, Azerbaijan takes back its lands which were under occupation for about 30 years. It took back one part of its land with a counter-attack operation and takes back another part within the framework of the agreement. Third, our brothers who were forced to leave Azerbaijani lands which were under occupation can return to their homes. Fourth, relations between Nakhchivan and Azerbaijan will be established. On the basis of Azerbaijan’s demand, we will be at the negotiation table in order to monitor the implementation of the ceasefire and agreement. A relevant decision has been adopted by our parliament for this purpose. On November 11, for his, we have signed a separate memorandum with Russia to establish a Joint Ceasefire monitoring center in accordance with Article 5 of the trilateral statement. We believe that the agreement will beneficial to the whole region and in this framework to Armenia in the medium and long term. We want everyone to benefit from peace and stability Our country has played a central role in ensuring such historical improvement in the 30-year conflict. Both friends and enemies have seen once again that no game can be established in the region without our participation, and that the path to peace and stability passes through Turkey. After this, we will continue to support the righteous battle of Azerbaijan."


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