Fuad Muradov: “The resolution of House of Representatives of Congress on recognition of “Armenian genocide” has no legal basis”

Fuad Muradov: “The resolution of House of Representatives of Congress on recognition of “Armenian genocide” has no legal basis”
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  • calendar-gray 01 November 2019

“The resolution was adopted by House of Representatives of Congress a few days ago on recognition of “Armenian genocide” has no legal basis,” the Chairman of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora told reporters during the meeting with representatives of US Jewish organizations, APA reports.

He said that according to the US law, this process must go through several stages: "There happened another incident that day. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the so-called "Nagorno Garabagh" Masis Mayiliyan has been invited by some pro-Armenian congressmen. Discussions on democracy and the situation in Garabagh have been carried out in that building. Holding such meetings is not very the official position of the United States. These meetings are held with the initiative of some political circles vassalaged under various pretexts. There is no need to pay special attention to this. Nevertheless, our community living abroad, patriotic people held a protest in front of the building on that day. They have conveyed the realities of Azerbaijan, the fact of the occupation of Garabagh, the violation of ceasefire by Armenians every day, at the same time, the killing of civilians, the holding of Dilgam Askarov and Shahbaz Guliyev so far until now there”.

Fuad Muradov noted the delegation, called itself “democratic opposition” was also in Washington on that day: “Especially Jamil Hasanli, as well as people surrounding him, and the forces who are so-called concerned on Azerbaijan, Nagorno Garabagh and consider themselves so-called patriots, did not support the Azerbaijan Community. Furthermore, they did not say any word on Azerbaijan realities and occupation of Nagorno Garabagh in the press conference they held in Washington. In fact, it was a good opportunity. If these people declared themselves democratic forces, initiators of the nation, they could demonstrate themselves. They did not do it. Certainly, Azerbaijani people saw it. This issue is relevant to neither politics nor morality. Why the people who hold various events against Azerbaijan, do not bring occupation fact of Azerbaijani territories to the attention of the world, do not respond to Armenian lobby, holding different rallies against Azerbaijan? Because supporters and center are clear. I want to extend my gratitude to Azerbaijani Communities, acting abroad. The Communities, liking Azerbaijan really, always keep these events and Azerbaijani realities on the agenda in every corner of the world. Our Community mobilized immediately after received information about such an event and expressed protest by going to the front of the building.”

And F. Muradov said that it was a long-lasting policy of Armenians regarding the adoption of the so-called "Armenian genocide" document and its consequences: "They know Azerbaijan's reputation in the region and its cooperation with various countries. They are also aware of carried out anti-terrorist operations of Turkey. Turkey has already transformed into a main figure in the region. Therefore, we can evaluate this as a special step taken against both Azerbaijan and Turkey. We always support the activities carried out in this direction of Turkish and Azerbaijani communities living abroad in this as the Diaspora Committee. I believe that our patriotic people will always respond to such provocative actions”.

F. Muradov noted that every Azerbaijani and Turk should necessarily state their position in this process: “The policy of Azerbaijani President is to deliver Nagorno Garabagh realities in all the international events at every opportunity. Azerbaijani Diaspora closely attends all issues regarding Nagorno Garabagh. Is it a great majority. There are some minor groups that despite they are Azerbaijani they do not show this by their actions. In this regard, I believe that two communities will put forward their position against this ugly propaganda by making their future plans more perfectly.”
Note that, On October 29 a resolution regarding the recognition of the so-called “Armenian genocide” was adopted by the US House of Representatives. 

Asmar Gabil

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