Tijjani Mohammed Bande: "We pay special attention to IDPs of Azerbaijan"

Tijjani Mohammed Bande: "We pay special attention to IDPs of Azerbaijan"
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  • calendar-gray 24 October 2019

"Since its foundation, as an international organization the United Nations has always been a great supporter for the resolution of the problems of people who have been displaced from their places and taking protection from one country to another as a result of a conflict", said President of the UN General Assembly Tijjani Mohammed-Bande who is visiting Azerbaijan in a statement to journalists, APA reports.

Mr. President said that the rights of all individuals, regardless of their conditions, constitute a key part of the UN's activity.

“We, as the UN, acknowledge the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, as well as other conventions and mechanisms very seriously. As you know, there are conventions and other agreements on the migration and fate of the refugees. The UN approaches the settlement of these issues seriously and supports it. There is also a UN organization dealing with refugees and displaced people. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees pays special attention to the voluntary return of refugees to any part of the world, the provision of adequate conditions for them, and the peaceful resettlement of refugees upon their return. This Commissioner represents the equal attitude to both refugees and IDPs of Azerbaijan, as well as to other refugees as a whole. The representation of the mentioned UN’s body has been operating in Azerbaijan for many years and shows its support by approaching this issue thoroughly”, noted Tijjani Mohammed-Bande.

Gunay Elshadgizi

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