24 years pass since occupation of Azerbaijan’s Aghdam district by Armenia

24 years pass since occupation of Azerbaijan’s Aghdam district by Armenia
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  • calendar-gray 22 July 2017

24 years have passed since the invasion of Azerbaijan’sAghdam district by Armenian armed forces.


Azerbaijan’s Aghdam district was occupied by the units of Armenian armed forces on July 23, 1993. 1154 sq m territory of Azerbaijan‘s Aghdam district went into the control of Armenia as a result of occupation. Azerbaijan controls only 22,6 percent of Aghdam with a population of 147,000. Armenians destroyed the historical monuments, cemeteries, hospitals, libraries, schools, offices and facilities in the occupied territory. More than 6 thousands Azerbaijani soldiers were killed in battles for Aghdam. About 130,000 displaced persons from Aghdam were settled in 875 settlements of 59 regions of Azerbaijan. Armenia infringes “Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict” provision of The Hague Convention and “Illicit Traffic of Cultural Property” provision of the Paris Convention and continues to plunder Azerbaijan’s cultural properties.


There were 1898 social-economical constructional objects, 17 industries, 31 construction enterprises, 753 trade enterprises, 397 public nourishments, 220 financial enterprises, 480 living constructions, also 54 kindergartens, 116 secondary schools, several higher education establishments, museums, 13 houses of culture and 109 cultural clubs in Azerbaijan’s Aghdam district before the invasion. According to calculations, Armenian aggression caused 252 mln USD damage to our country.

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