Abdullah Gul: Protocols signed with Armenia did not produce results - INTERVIEW

Abdullah Gul: Protocols signed with Armenia did not produce results - INTERVIEW
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  • calendar-gray 03 July 2017

APA TV News Director Javid Ismayil’s interview with Turkey’s 11th president, Abdullah Gul


"The establishment of peace, security, and stability in a region is often followed by economic development. I have believed more in resolving problems through diplomacy and politics, not war. That’s what I’ve worked for," Turkey’s 11th president, Abdullah Gul, said in a statement to APA of the signing of protocols with Armenia for the reopening of the border with Armenia during his presidency.


"Undoubtedly, we will never reconcile with the occupation of a part of Azerbaijan's lands. We are one nation, two different states. This occupation has been lasting for a long time. There are two options: either war, or peace and diplomacy. Of course, for a diplomatic resolution, we need to negotiate. These negotiations are sometimes open. As you know, meetings are taking within the framework of the Minsk Group. The Azerbaijani and Armenian presidents get to meet and hold discussions. Sometimes meetings take place behind the scenes where diplomats sit down at the negotiating table to discuss how this problem can be resolved. Unfortunately, big states have not paid due attention to this topic for many years. I think that this issue should not be left frozen. 20-30 years have passed. Should there be another 50 years? I was taking that step to resolve the problem. Unfortunately, it did not produce any results," the former president said.


Gul said that such problems get resolved sooner or later, either by military or diplomatic means.


“Undoubtedly, a diplomatic resolution should be preferred because we all see what wars lead to. New generations grow up away from their lands. I find this very upsetting. To me, the cessation of this occupation—which the UN also considers occupation—is the foremost issue. I did everything to prevent the issue from being kept frozen. Unfortunately, it did not yield any results,” he said. 

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