Azerbaijani official accuses Armenia of continued provocations

Azerbaijani official accuses Armenia of continued provocations
  • Clock-gray 11:45
  • calendar-gray 19 June 2017

Armenia continues its aggressive policy against Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijani president’s aide for public and political affairs, Ali Hasanov, said on Monday, APA reported.


“Armenians have never taken a break in its aggressive policy. At times, they have just slowed down, trying to conceal their position and deceive the international community,” said Hasaov.


Hasanov also accused Armenia of continued provocations against Azerbaijan.


He noted that Armenia has been carrying out such provocations since the 1990s.


“Whenever the talks intensify at the international level or there are increased efforts to change the status quo, they [Armenians] resort to provocations, seeking to cause escalation on the frontline and to strengthen their anti-Azerbaijan stance in the international area. By this means, they also seek to cover up the public anger at the Armenian government,” said the presidential aide.


“Therefore, we think that what’s happening at the frontline, like previous provocations, has to do with the Armenian government’s non-constructive stance,” added Hasanov. 

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