Colombian Senate passes decision on 25th anniversary of Khojaly genocide

Colombian Senate passes decision on 25th anniversary of Khojaly genocide
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  • calendar-gray 18 March 2017

The Senate of the Republic of Colombia has passed a decision on the 25th anniversary of Khojaly genocide.


Azerbaijani Embassy in Colombia told APA that the decision signed by Vice-President of the Senate of Colombia, President of External Relations and National Defense Committee and senators was presented to head of Azerbaijan’s diplomatic mission in Colombia Ramil Farzaliyev.


According to the document, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Khojaly genocide, members of the Senate paid tribute to the hundreds of victims of this tragic day and expressed solidarity with the people of Azerbaijan.


The decision underlines the importance of not witnessing painful facts like the killing of hundreds of Azerbaijani women, children and the elderly people by troops of the Republic of Armenia and separatists in Nagorno-Karabakh that was occurred 25 years ago - on February 26, 1992, in the history of the world again.


It says that the people of Colombia have also suffered from meaningless war for many years and expresses Colombia’s wish for the Azerbaijani and Armenian peoples to resolve the conflict through peace agreement.


The decision calls on Armenia to fulfill the UN Security Council’s resolutions 822, 853, 874 and 884, and withdraw from occupied territories of Azerbaijan, including Nagorno Karabakh.


B y appealing to the international authorities, Azerbaijani people’s efforts to conduct negotiations with Armenian people to achieve peace with the guarantee of protection of human rights, international humanitarian rights and territorial integrity were welcomed in the decision. 

This decision expresses the Columbian Senate’s support to Azerbaijani people. 

In turn, on behalf of Azerbaijani people and government, Ramil Farzaliyev once more thanked Columbian Senate for standing by the justice, respect to memorial of victims of the Khojaly genocide and support to Azerbaijani people suffering from the conflict. 

Columbian Senate adopted a decision on “illegal occupation of Azerbaijan’s territories” in 2012. 

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