Ilham Aliyev: Army building is number-one priority for Azerbaijani leadership

Ilham Aliyev: Army building is number-one priority for Azerbaijani leadership
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  • calendar-gray 14 June 2017

Today is a historical day, the day of the restoration of the Jojug Marjanli village, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said at a meeting with a group of military schools cadets in Jabrayil’s Jojug Marjanli village on Wednesday, APA reported.


The head of state noted that the village was liberated in a successful counterattack by the Azerbaijani army.


President Aliyev stressed that army building is the number-one priority for Azerbaijani leadership.


“The Azerbaijani army today is among the world’s most powerful armies. A lot has been achieved in the sphere of army building in recent years,” he said.


“Our army’s logistics is quite high. We continue buying advanced weapons and ammunition. At the same time, our country manufactures military products,” said the president. “Our army’s combat readiness is growing. There is a high level of discipline in the army. That’s why our army successfully retaliated for the Armenian provocation in last year’s April. Some territories of three occupied districts were liberated and the flag of Azerbaijan was raised over there.”


He went on to say: “After that successful operation, life is coming back to this village. The IDPs, who have been dreaming of returning to their homes, are now coming back. I believe hundreds of youth have not yet seen Jojug Marjanli but they have wished to return to this village. That day has come!”


He noted that a mosque reminiscent of the Shusha Mosque was build in the village and another 100 houses will be built in the next phase.


“Jojug Marjanli villagers will return to their lands and you, as new officers, will be standing guard for our lands,” the president said. 

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