Nearly 4,600 IDP families in Azerbaijan currently live in homes in disrepair – MP

Nearly 4,600 IDP families in Azerbaijan currently live in homes in disrepair – MP
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  • calendar-gray 13 November 2017

About 4,600 IDP families in Azerbaijan currently live in homes that are in disrepair, MP Gudrat Hasanguliyev said during a discussion by parliamentary committees of the 2018 state budget package, APA reported.


 “I was once an MP of the constituency surrounding the Goranboy, Aghdam, and Terter districts, so I’m closely familiar with the living conditions of those IDPs therein. About 4,600 IDP families currently live in homes that re in disrepair. That is to say, their lives are in imminent danger,” he said.


He noted that after Mehriban Aliyev was appointed as the First Vice President of Azerbaijan, there has been an increased attention to this area.


"The activity of Pasha Holding in this direction is praiseworthy. Pasha Holding builds houses for refugees. I’ve been told that even some entrepreneurs buy houses for refugees upon Mehriban Aliyeva’s encouragement. The State Oil Fund is expected to allocate a total of AZN 200 million to improve the housing conditions of refugees. This is less than last year's funding. It is noted here that foreign loans in the amount of 42 million manats will also be dedicated to this cause. I would like to ask who will receive this 42 million manats, from which account will it be given, and how will this money be invested in housing construction?” said the MP.


Reminding that 244 million manats were allocated for the construction of new sports complexes in the country, Hasanguliyev said that this issue should not be a priority. “The priority should be the creation of normal living conditions for refugees who have been living in unbearable conditions for more than 25 years,” he stressed.


Hasanguliyev also said that 7.2 million manats allocated to newborns in Azerbaijan are insufficient.


“What social budget can we talk about now? However, 159,454 children were born in our country (the concrete period is not mentioned). When divide this amount, each child gets for about 45 manats per month. When we raise the price, we often compare with Europe countries. But in Europe, children are allocated about 100-192 euros per month, and they receive this money till they are 16 years old. We should at least provide separate amount for newborn children whose parents do not work. Let’s admit that the birth expense of a child reaches 500-1,000 manats. We should allocate at least 500 manats for these families,” added the MP.  

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