Azerbaijani Army liberated over 11 thousand hectares of land in Nakhchivan

Azerbaijani Army liberated over 11 thousand hectares of land in Nakhchivan
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  • calendar-gray 08 June 2018

Gunnut village of Sharur region, occupied by Armenian armed forces in 1992, has been returned under control of Azerbaijani Army after 26 years, APA reports quoting the press service of Separate Combined-Arms Army of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.


It is reported that in the last days of May this year, the strategically significant heights in the Gunnut village and surrounding areas of the Sharur region were liberated from the occupation by the Azerbajani Army.


Thus, the Azerbaijani army took a favorable positions as Hunut mountain and Agbulag height as well as "Gizilgaya" and "Mehridag" mountains were liberated from the occupation, and the village of Arpa (Armenians have changed their name to "Areni") of Daralayaz region was taken under control.


In total, about 11,000 hectares of land were taken under control and more than 8,000 of it are suitable for agriculture.


The biggest strategic significance of Gizilqaya height, which is 1683 meters above sea level and provides the control over Gunnut village, also allows our army to control Irevan-Yekhegndzor-Gorus-Lachin-Khankandi highway. 50 km of new roads have been built and more than 50 km of useless roads have been restored for reliable protection and maintenance in the territory.



New defensive positions have been set up at the heights for the tactical protection of the strategically important Arpachay River Basin.



It should be noted that in the 90s of the last century, Sadarak, Günnut, Havush and Shahbulag villages of Sharur region were exposed to continuous enemy attacks. At that time residential buildings in Gunnut village of Sharur region, including many social objects were destroyed and the village turned into ruins. The school, medical center, library, as well as the cemetery and mosque were destroyed and the village community had to move to other settlements of the district, and most of them to Mahmudkand village.


According to "Nuhchikhan" News Agency, residents of Günnut visited the grave of their relatives after returning to their villages on June 7th after 26 years.

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