Peace Platform congratulates Armenian, Azerbaijani peoples on Int’l Peace Day

Peace Platform congratulates Armenian, Azerbaijani peoples on Int’l Peace Day
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  • calendar-gray 21 September 2017

The Armenia-Azerbaijan Peace Platform has congratulated the peoples of Armenia and Azerbaijani on the International Day of Peace.


From the day mankind was created, history has witnessed the emergence of hatred among people, wars and genocides, the Peace Platform said in a statement.


“In particular, we would like to note that the two major wars that occurred in the twentieth century are the bloodiest pages in history. Yet the past century was also engraved in history as an exceptional century in bringing humanity closer and strengthening solidarity among people,” said the statement.


The statement further noted that the creation of the United Nations on the basis of Universal Human Rights with the purpose of protecting peace and security worldwide, as well as the creation of other unions on the Charter and Principles of the United Nations brought renewed hopes for a better future.


“Along with the invention of weapons of mass destruction, the twentieth century also witnessed the restriction and rejection of their large-scale use. Despite the conflicts and ongoing destabilizing processes in the world, we also see that how the humanity is getting closer to each other in the fields like science, education, culture, development and cooperation, and this process of globalization has destroyed borders, hatred, racism and discrimination. Despite all this, some forces are still interested in world conflicts and wars. Such forces, for a long time, keep the peoples of Armenia and Azerbaijan in mutual hatred and war. Based on their hateful myths and dark past, these forces prevent the two peoples from confidently moving towards a common globalized future.”


“As the Armenia-Azerbaijan Peace Platform, we believe that both countries’ intellectuals, peaceful social and political figures, scientists who closely follow the challenges of the modern era will work for further peaceful co-existence and we are at the forefront of it. We believe that the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict should be settled not on the basis of myth and mysterious history, but in accordance with the UN Charter, Helsinki Final Act and on the norms and principles of international law adopted and recognized by both states. Only the peoples answering the calls of modern times will create a successful and sustainable development and become a part of the united world. The Armenia-Azerbaijan Peace Platform urge the representatives of both nations to make every effort to prevent this conflict from coming to the future generations and take important steps to see the two peoples in peace and cooperation,” the statement said.


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