Samad Seyidov: "Such provocations - traditional, usual tactics of Armenians"

Samad Seyidov: "Such provocations - traditional, usual tactics of Armenians"
  • Clock-gray 17:32
  • calendar-gray 25 February 2017

“These provocations are traditional, usual tactics of Armenians”, – the chairman of the Azerbaijani parliamentary committee on international relations and interparliamentary relations Samad Seyidov told APA commenting on the situation at the front.


S. Seyidov noted that the aim of the Armenian government is to get some dividends both domestically and on the world stage by worsening the situation "Everyone knows what the situation in Armenia on the eve of elections. “State system” has failed. Sargsyan regime commits provocations on the front to divert attention from internal problems and rally the people around the government”.


The MP noted that recently the puppet "NKR" regime held a so-called “Referendum”: "Their attempt completely failed. As a result of the actions of the Azerbaijan, referendum was rejected, not recognized by the international community. Somehow to disguise the shame, they are trying to aggravate the situation on the front”.


S. Seyidov also tied the provocation of Armenians to the successful participation of Azerbaijani President at the Munich Security Conference: "Whether it is that conference, or in the international media statements, the President of Azerbaijan is constantly fully exposes the military junta, who headed Armenia. Today the whole world is fully informed by Armenia's aggressive policy”.


“Ongoing information provocation, blackmail, false reports that allegedly Azerbaijani army went on the offensive – another provocation of Armenians. This is another attempt to enter the world community into error. The reason for that is the impotence of Armenia. Commits a provocation, and then try to create a buzz. It is the only hope for Armenia. I am sure that the international organizations are already aware of this policy of Armenia”.

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