Vigenin proposes abolishing position of OSCE PA special rep. on South Caucasus

Vigenin proposes abolishing position of OSCE PA special rep. on South Caucasus
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  • calendar-gray 22 February 2018

Kristian Vigenin, who earlier announced his resignation as OSCE PA Special Representative on the South Caucasus, has made recommendations to the OSCE PA.


Presenting his final report at the OSCE PA winter session in Vienna on Feb. 22, Vigenin said that dealing with all three countries under the same umbrella "South Caucasus" is not productive any more for the OSCE PA, APA reports.


“The whole knot of problems and issues in and around Nagorno-Karabakh, respectively Armenia and Azerbaijan, are very different from the situation with Georgia. The three countries are also very different in their approach and goals. Of course there are also common challenges but in order to be efficient, the OSCE PA should recognize the differences, discontinue the current approach and target the conflicts individually,” he said.


He noted that the position of Special Representative (SR) on the South Caucasus in the current conditions will remain purely ceremonial.


According to Vigenin, his/her activity and achievements would remain very limited in scope at this stage due to the following reasons.   


“The situation on the ground does not provide an opening for broader dialogue and initiatives which reach beyond the well known zone of comfort for the players. All relevant players would prefer to see someone less vocal, less inventive, and less active and an OSCE PA which avoids dealing with sensitive issues. There is no – and will not be – freedom and full access to contacts and traveling in the conflict areas. There is no financial support for his/her work and all activities remain fully dependent on the support of the national parliament of the SR. Therefore I would propose that at this stage the position of SR on the South Caucasus remains in the past and that these responsibilities are transferred to an OSCE PA Vice President, who would deal in broader terms with protracted conflicts in the OSCE area,” he added.  






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