Azerbaijan’s next victory – Ağdam-Khankandi road is open-ANALYTICS

Azerbaijan’s next victory – Ağdam-Khankandi road is open-ANALYTICS
# 18 September 2023 11:34 (UTC +04:00)

Food t​​​​​​rucks of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) passing through Ağdam-Khankandi road, this morning delivered food and medical supplies to the Armenian origin residents living in the Garabagh economic region of Azerbaijan.

This, in other words, means the opening of the Ağdam-Khankandi road.

For a long time, Azerbaijan has been talking about the importance and convenience of opening the Ağdam-Khankandi road and delivering cargo to Khankandi.

During the last 3 months, Azerbaijan has been taking serious steps to explain the importance of this road both to Armenia and the international community, and expressed its agreement to the operation of the Ağdam-Khankandi road parallel to the Lachin-Khankandi route.

On September 17, the press secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Aykhan Hajizade in his statement about the parallel use of the Ağdam-Khankandi and Lachin-Khankandi roads, stated that the proposal to use the Lachin-Khankandi and Ağdam-Khankandi roads in parallel has been promoted by Azerbaijan for a long time and was widely discussed at various levels.

"Unfortunately, notwithstanding the reached agreements as well as the calls of international partners, Armenia and the puppet regime it created in the Garabagh region prevented implementation of such passage. Today, ICRC appealed to Azerbaijan and provided preliminary information on the agreement of Armenian side on receiving cargo via Ağdam-Khankandi and Lachin-Khankandi roads in parallel on September 18. Presenting of an official note verbale regarding this issue by ICRC to Azerbaijan is expected soon. As it was noted earlier, Azerbaijan is ready to ensure the parallel use of Ağdam-Khankandi and Lachin-Khankandi roads with due regard to the requirements of its legislation," said the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It is worth reminding that, in fact, at the last meeting of the Azerbaijani and Armenian sides held in the USA, it was agreed that the roads will be launched in parallel from September 1. However, the separatist remnants in Garabagh are violating this agreement, Armenia, their patrons and lobbies abroad were doing everything they could to prevent the agreement from happening. Instead of making efforts to fulfill the requirements of the agreement, countries such as the USA and France put serious pressure on Azerbaijan, made inappropriate statements at various levels, and only demanded the opening of the Lachin road.

However, Azerbaijan did not withdraw from its principled position and insisted on the proposal to operate both routes in parallel and achieved its wish.

A few days ago, with the cargoes of the Russian Red Cross Society and today of the International Committee of the Red Cross passing through the Ağdam road to Khankandi, Azerbaijan once again showed to the whole world that it is on the right track and that the pressure on it is ineffective.

Today, what Azerbaijan has been saying for a long time about the functionality of this road with the delivery of goods through the Ağdam-Khankandi road was reflected. In fact, this is Azerbaijan's next victory.

Azerbaijan once again proved that it always does its part in humanitarian issues and does not allow any discrimination in relation to citizens of Armenian origin living in Garabagh. The separatist remnants, as well as Armenia and its supporters, have politicized the humanitarian issue, and Azerbaijan's intention to use it as pressure is hopeless.

Ağdam-Khankandi road is now open and functioning. Azerbaijan thus revealed a principled and fair position.

The whole world, the international community once again witnessed that Azerbaijan does not blockade any territory, does not create any obstacles to the delivery of humanitarian goods.

Nothing happened in the name of blockade in Garabagh. The separatist remnants, Armenia, Armenian lobby groups abroad, some corrupt politicians in the West and biased mass media tried to confuse the world and politicize humanitarian issues, but Azerbaijan foiled these intentions with its firm stance.

Azerbaijan agreed to the parallel operation of the Lachin-Khankandi and Ağdam-Khankandi roads from the first day, unfortunately, due to the reasons listed above, this became possible only months later.

Azerbaijan achieved its target, with the opening of the Ağdam-Khankandi road, it won another victory both on the ground and in diplomacy.

The United States, France and other countries in this row can only be ashamed of their non-constructive position.