Considering the decision to arrest Putin legal is an insult to Russia - comentary of Russian experts

Considering the decision to arrest Putin legal is an insult to Russia - comentary of Russian experts
# 26 March 2023 15:35 (UTC +04:00)

"Iravan betrayed Moscow by taking this step"

The decision of the Constitutional Court of Armenia to consider the Hague Court's decision to arrest Vladimir Putin in accordance with the constitution was met with protest in Russia. Although Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov announced that the known decision of the Armenian authorities will be discussed with the official Yerevan without going into details, experts consider this step of Armenia to be insulting and treasonous for Russia.​


Sergey Markov

Political scientist Sergei Markov, director of the Russian Institute of Political Studies, told APA's Moscow correspondent that Armenia's joining the International Criminal Court, which issued an arrest warrant against Putin, is very insulting for Russia: "This means that Armenia has already gone too far in distancing itself from Russia. More to be precise, this is an indicator of Armenia's betrayal of Russia. Russia has repeatedly saved Armenia and the Armenian people in different situations and at different times. Therefore, Armenia's recognition of the decisions of the International Criminal Court is a direct betrayal," the Russian political scientist emphasized.

According to Markov, people in Russia are very angry about this decision of Armenia: "Of course, the Armenian lobby in Russia and the mass media managed by this lobby are trying to keep silent and turn a blind eye to this betrayal of Armenia. It is still difficult to say what step official Moscow will take regarding this betrayal of Armenia. . But it is clear that now if Vladimir Putin formally visits Armenia, he can be arrested there. During his last visit, Pashinyan organized an anti-Putin rally. And now he is going to arrest Putin? Of course, this is only the treacherous policy of Armenia. "It is not only a foolish policy. Due to this decision of Armenia, Russia will move more towards Azerbaijan and will be more understanding to Azerbaijan's wishes. This will result in Baku quickly and effectively taking control over the entire Karabakh," the Russian expert concluded.

Russian political expert Aleksei Naumov told APA's Moscow correspondent that the decision regarding the international criminal court once again shows that Armenian diplomacy is in a comical situation:

"Armenia is organizing attacks against Russia and its president for the next time. Russia is the main guarantor of Armenia's existence as a state. Now the Russian society is asking: Why does Russia need an ally like Armenia in general? Criticisms from Armenia, Russia's ally , hears claims and requests. I believe that Armenia's decision on the International Criminal Court will not have a concrete, direct result in relation to Russia. Because it is impossible to arrest the President of Russia on the territory of Armenia. However, this event shows the Russian civil society and political establishment what the alliance with Armenia gives to Russia, and this it gives a good opportunity to think again about the question of what is the need of the alliance," the Russian expert added.