Iran become dangerous country for Azerbaijani citizens-ANALYSIS

Iran become dangerous country for Azerbaijani citizens-ANALYSIS
# 02 June 2023 14:39 (UTC +04:00)

Arrest of Azerbaijani student Farid Safarli in Iran on charge of espionage once again clearly demonstrated the true nature of Mullah regime.

On February 20, 27-year-old Farid Safarli who studies in University of Jena, Germany traveled to Tehran to see his girlfriend, a doctor with whom he had a practice at the same university. Although F.Safarli was supposed to return to Germany on March 5, he did not. Since March 4, Farid's phone has been turned off, and contact with him has been completely lost.

Since then his family could not get any information from Farid. Finally, after 3 month, information was obtained that Farid was detained by Iran-Mullah regime on charges of espionage.

Cases of Iran making such absurd accusations against citizens of Azerbaijan and arresting them happened from time to time.

Azerbaijani scientist rashid Aliyev who went to Iran, also was arrested in 2008 on charges of so-called espionage.

In 2007, Rashid Aliyev got invitation by Iran to participate in scientific research work in field of quantum electronics. Despite the management of the company repeatedly offering him to accept citizenship of Iran, stay and work permanently in there, A. Rashid refused and returned to Azerbaijan. One year later, they invited him to Iran again, arrested him under enigmatic circumstances, charged him with so-called espionage too, and held him for one year and 10 months in the famous Evin prison where political prisoners were kept.

Other than that, Azerbaijan’s two young poets – Farid Huseyn and Shahriyar del Gerani (Hajiyev) were arrested in Iran on May 2, 2012. Paying a visit to Iran to participate in a literary competition, the young poets were arrested by security forces of on trumped-up charges and were kept there for three months.

Other Azerbaijani scientist, employee of Azerbaijan National Academy of Science (ANAS) Khalida Ismayilova (Khalid) and her driver Shamkhal Huseynov were also detained on charges of so-called espionage by Iran's special service agency- ETTELAAT, on April 30, 2013. Without any evidence, Iranian state television declared Khalida Ismayilova a spy. She was released from prison on May 19 of that year.

Expanding the list of unjustly arrested Azerbaijani citizens visiting Iran on false accusations, especially espionage charges can be expanded. Lastly, the detention of Farid Safarli on charges of espionage and the fact that his family was not informed about him for a long time shows that the Iran-Mullah regime has remained loyal to its historical tradition.

Another conclusion from this is that Iran is a dangerous country, paying a visit to there can cause serious problems for Azerbaijani citizens as well as other foreigners.

These mentioned facts, as well as the essence of state of Iran lead to a conclusion that Azerbaijani citizens who visit Iran, are targeted by special service organs, attempts are made to involve them in cooperation, and if this doesn’t work, they are arrested for false reasons and forced to experience serious problems.

Recently, as Iran’s spy network has been exposed in Azerbaijan, it becomes clear that Tehran has resorted to actions in line with its nature.

In the situation that emerged, Azerbaijani citizens should understand the nature of Iranian state and avoid visiting the country.

Altough borders are closed with Iran, some Azerbaijani citizens pay a visit to there through 3rd countries. Farid Safarli himself also visited Iran from Germany. The result is that he was unjustly arrested, facing the false charges of the Iranian special services.

With these actions, Iran continues its traditional policy of hostility towards Azerbaijan. The Tehran regime, which has always stood by Armenia, clearly presented this during the 44-day war and in the period after it. As the intensity of the work done in the direction of the peace agreement with Armenia increases, and as peace approaches, Iran becomes more aggressive. It is clear that the Iran-Mullah regime does not want the normalization of relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia, the signing of a peace agreement, and ultimately peace and tranquility in the region as a whole. Therefore, we should take into account that Tehran will continue its evil deeds against Azerbaijan, and we should be ready for all kinds of provocations coming from the south.

It would be good to mention that in international practice, there are restrictions on the visits of citizens to countries with hostile attitudes, and even punitive measures are taken in this regard. For example, Washington and Tokyo have banned travel to North Korea using US and Japanese passports. The same step can be taken by Azerbaijan in relation to Iran. Because the Iran-Mullah regime does not leave Baku any other option with its steps.


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