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French President Emmanuel Macron

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# 13 October 2022 15:51 (UTC +04:00)

French President Emmanuel Macron now revealed everything openly in an interview with "France2" TV channel. The president of a country with a history of injustice and genocide should not be surprising, but the scale of Macron's logic and lies is simply disappointing.

"The disputed territory located in the middle of Azerbaijan?!"- This is losing mind. Let's get to the point. Speaking about Armenia in his interview, Macron states that France has a special relationship with this country, justifying this by the fact that Armenia has always fought for peace and tolerance in the region.

It is known that France has special relations with Armenia. However, it is also known that Armenia has never fought for peace and tolerance in the region. Because "tolerant" Armenia has been a monoethnic country for a long time. As for the neighboring country fighting for peace, Armenia is known as an invader in the region and the world. It was also proved neighboring country Armenia is the occupant country by four resolutions of the UN Security Council, of which France is also a permanent member. We are talking about France, where Macron is the president...

Macron, who does not hide his hatred for Azerbaijan and Türkiye, states in his interview that two years ago, a war broke out in Nagorno-Karabakh, an internationally unrecognized and disputed territory. He says, "Armenia was in a disputed territory called Nagorno-Karabakh, which is not recognized at the international level and is located in the middle of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan started a terrible war that resulted in numerous losses and occupied this territory.”

Azerbaijan waged a Patriotic War in the fall of 2020 and restored its territorial integrity. The territories that Macro said Azerbaijan occupied were accepted as Azerbaijan's own territory in all documents and at the international level. The Minsk Group, which is co-chaired by France, has never questioned the fact that at least 7 districts located around Nagorno-Karabakh are Azerbaijan's territory, and that they should be returned to Azerbaijan, in the negotiations conducted for 30 years and in the proposals and documents prepared for the settlement of the conflict. Of course, Macron is not unaware of this.

However, being aware of these things, only Macron could call Azerbaijan, which freed its territories from 30 years of occupation, an "occupier".

“Almaty Document” that Macron “remembered”

Speaking about the armed conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan in September of this year, the French president still accuses Azerbaijan: “In September of this year, Azerbaijan carried out several offensive operations on the border, presumably to open a corridor between its territory and the rest. We unequivocally condemned it. We brought together the President of the European Union, the Prime Minister of Armenia, and the President of Azerbaijan and decided that the parties should first of all commit to recognizing the borders of 1991,” he said.

There is no interstate border between Azerbaijan and Armenia. As a result of the occupations carried out by Armenia in 1992-94, the borderline between the two countries has not been clarified. For 30 years, Armenia crossed the territories it now calls the border, advanced into the interior of Azerbaijan, and occupied the regions along the border. If we approach through the logic of Macron, Armenia should have been considered to have violated the borders with Azerbaijan for 30 years, should have been condemned for this act, and should have been subjected to pressure and sanctions. However, it was the exact opposite, the invader was constantly supported and encouraged to invade. Armenia occupied the territories of Azerbaijan, as well as the regions located on the border, after the adoption of the same 1991Almaty Declaration referred by Macron. This document has existed for 31 years, why was it remembered now? Another interesting point is that the majority of the CIS countries that signed the Almaty Declaration did not and do not comply with this document. As already mentioned, after the adoption of this document, Armenia occupied 20 percent of the territories of Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan have been making territorial claims against each other for years, and today they are in a state of actual war.

In 2008, Russia sent troops to Georgia, conducted a military operation there, recognized separatist Abkhazia and South Ossetia on the territory of this country as a "state", and is currently waging war against Ukraine. In this case, where is the place of the Almaty document in international law? If we are talking about the border, Armenia would define its border in the territory known after the collapse of the USSR, bury the border posts, and bring the Russian border guards who guarded the border with Iran to the border with Azerbaijan after gaining independence since the border has not been defined, and Azerbaijan has restored its territorial integrity, the area that Macron calls the border can be considered just a contact line for now. Azerbaijan, on the other hand, rightly conducted an operation in September of this year to prevent the aggressive actions of the enemy on the contact line and destroyed the positions of the Armenian army, which was preparing for an attack.

If Azerbaijan wanted to, it would expand the scale of the September operations and move toward the interior of Armenia. But that was not the goal. During the September operations, the Azerbaijani Army did not enter any residential area of Armenia but only gave a decent response to the enemy to prevent danger.

Question to Macron: How does Russia, which protects Armenia's borders, weaken it?

Macron also used the opportunity to accuse Moscow through Armenia in his interview against the background of the recent problems with Russia. “What happened at the border in these two years? There are 5 thousand Russian soldiers there. Using this conflict, Russia entered the joint game of Azerbaijan and Türkiye and returned there to weaken Armenia. What is happening here is a destabilizing maneuver of Russia. Russia is trying to create unrest in the Caucasus to weaken and divide us all” said Macron.

Russia has a military base in Armenia, Armenia's borders are protected by Russian border guards, Armenia's security is ensured by Russia, and Armenia's economy is directly dependent on Russia. In a word, Armenia is an undoubted outpost of Russia. In such a case, is there an explanation for the logic of "Russia weakens Armenia"? Russia has countless tools at its disposal to not only weaken Armenia but also to make it disappear as a state. Therefore, Macron's intention to target Russia over Armenia is obvious. However, Macron should well remember that during the co-chairmanship, which is now history, they supported the position of occupying Armenia together with Russia.

Is there room for mediation after these statements?

Another surprising point is that after all this, Macron says: "France is here and is an intermediary state, we will not leave Armenians alone."

Mr. Macron believes that after all this, France can be a mediator between Azerbaijan and Armenia. At some points, we are faced with the impotence of reason and logic, and this is one of those cases. In any case, you have to have other qualifications to say that France is an intermediary state in this situation.

Recently, France's intention to show activity on the Azerbaijan-Armenia issue is clearly felt. Paris raises issues that are not on the agenda, tries to join the negotiation process, to perform a mediation mission. However, Macron and his country should understand that their limit for Azerbaijan is over. From now on, France cannot be a mediator between Azerbaijan and Armenia under any circumstances. France, which has a strong pro-Armenian policy, is under the strong influence of the Armenian lobby and openly defends the interests of Armenia

Recent developments show that France is also trying to adopt the Brussels format. This gives reason to think that France is making plans against Azerbaijan. This is also evident from Macron's interview with "France2" TV channel.

Finally, Paris must understand and accept that the people of Azerbaijan and official Baku no longer believe in France and cannot believe. The Azerbaijani public is strongly against the participation of France, which pursues a pro-Armenian policy, in this process. Evaluating Azerbaijan's liberation of its territories from occupation as an "invasion" and calling Baku an "occupier", what kind of mediation does Macron hope for? France's policy of genocide in a number of countries, its prejudice against Muslim countries, religious and racial discrimination against Muslims are well-known facts.

Moreover, France also pursues a hostile policy against Türkiye, which has fraternal relations with Azerbaijan, recognizes the so-called "Armenian genocide", and always takes a position against Ankara in the international arena. One of the main opponents of Türkiyes’s membership in the European Union is France. All the facts listed and unlisted make Paris' intention to mediate a dream.

There is another interesting nuance that emerged from Macron's interview. When comparing the recent statements and positions of Macron, who calls himself a mediator, and Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, it can be concluded that Pashinyan acts more as a mediator than Macron, and intends to provide more support for the resolution of the conflict. Therefore, it is more logical to communicate directly with Pashinyan than to talk through the mediation of France.