Nuclear-armed Iran is a threat to the world: All options should be activated urgently to curb Tehran-ANALYSIS

Nuclear-armed Iran is a threat to the world: All options should be activated urgently to curb Tehran-ANALYSIS
# 30 January 2023 15:43 (UTC +04:00)

When the mullah regime in Iran seized the power through revolution, ordinary people fed up with the oppression of the king had fragmentary hope for the future. Iranians assumed that they would live their religion comfortably and would taste their fundamental rights and freedoms. Soon it found out that they repeated the fault of Soviet people who had been deceived by socialism idea.

Once Mollacracy strengthened its power, it started “to pray mercy” for the royal regime…

One of the most dangerous sides of the ideological state and unions is that they consider their views and systems flawless from judgment and try to export them to other geographies (ideological cancer) at any cost. Unfortunately, after coming to power in Iran, the bearers of the pan-Iranian ideology, disguised as Islam, started their intensive activities in this direction. Less than 10 years after the revolution, the Middle East turned into a bloodbath: With the kamikaze attacks on the US barracks in Beirut, a new “handbook” of terrorism was written, dispersed terrorist groups in the Middle East were regularized, and systemized, Blessed Crescent turned into the field of proxy war, Iran started to host terrorist organizations, concealed wanted terrorists with the red bulletin, kept the powers elected by the will of the people under constant threat and fear and etc.

In a short period, Iran became the state spending the most in the world for the spread and maintenance of imperialist ideologies. The regime started to invent its external enemies in order to achieve the support and silence of the people despite its repressive and based on exploitation domestic policy.

Shortly, 45 years after the revolution, mullahcracy is remembered as the place of political-diplomatic vileness, terrorism, exploitation of faith, and military tragedies in the world, which gave reason for emerging global disgust against it, and the establishment of coalitions against Tehran.

Embodying all the “qualities” of the evil in itself, the mullah regime has already faced existential problems. Protesting large masses of people, neighbors fed up with terrorism, and huge states behaving with self-defense reflex now cause reasonable anxiety and chaos in Tehran.

As a result, the theocratic system has already lost its ability to think logically and acts only with conditioned reflexes in this complicated situation. This is probably the reason for the rampant executions and repressions in Iran. Another reason for the paranoia of the regime is that the mistakes and sins it committed for half a century began to fall on it. Now people do not support the regime and hope for it has died. Iranians understand that the only treatment for this disease is to cut off this gangrenous limb.

In the current global geopolitical situation, the Iranian regime needs to progress in two directions at most for its continued existence - the acquisition of nuclear weapons and the suppression of internal unrest. If the regime achieves both of them then the world will witness the reincarnation of Ahriman. Neither the people of Iran nor any state would want this.

The West already understands that it has to start working. The use of Iranian "mopeds" in the Ukraine war proved once again that the mullah's regime knows no bounds in violence, its evil hand now extends anywhere in the world, including Europe.

Blinken's interview with the "Al Arabiyya" TV channel last day also showed that the Western political centers have brought all options to the table to restrain Iran and the military ways include here.

At this point, the "unknown" drone strikes on Iran two days ago can be considered as the last warning signal. These incidents show that there is very little time left for Tehran and that perhaps the button has already been pushed.

It seems that in the current situation, either the people of Iran should stand up again and correct the mistake of 1979 and change the country from the inside, or the people and states fed up with the regime's threats should put the old lion in the circus cage with outside intervention.

It is already noted that Tehran is now very close to acquiring nuclear weapons and this can cause global concern. The spread of information in the Western press about the regime's use of the situation in Ukraine to provide "know-how" from Russia in exchange for the supplied drones is also causing concern.

The nuclear negotiations have not only ended in a deadlock but there is no hope that any progress will be made in this direction. European states that want to return Tehran to the table have already no hope and this nears them to the position of Washington and Israel. The only thing that the opponents must sensitively approach is to use the little time frame efficiently as much as possible.

It is impossible that all of these complicated regional issues do not cause concern also in Azerbaijan. The official Baku always declares that it supports stability. Despite the fact that the unfinished terrorist act committed in our embassy in Tehran clearly demonstrated the attitude of the Iranian regime towards Azerbaijan to the whole world, the statements of the Azerbaijani officials were quite restrained. Neither people nor the government in Azerbaijan support war in the geography.

Azerbaijan is namely the first country that does not wish for bloodshed in Iran. Firstly, millions of our compatriots live there and We do not want them to become victims of large-scale wars. But this does not release the Southern Azerbaijanis from their obligations and they have to stand up and demand from their regime to end terror and threats against Azerbaijan-their national state.

Generally, all nations that the Iranian regime kept enslaved for half a century should find an answer to these questions-What kind of Islamic state is Iran that is hostile to all the neighboring Muslim countries? Is this the kind of Islamic governance that Iranians want to achieve? Why is Iran isolated from the whole world? Who are those real enemies?

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