Open support for separatism from France: Farewell, mediation!-ANALYSIS

Open support for separatism from France: Farewell, mediation!-ANALYSIS
# 07 December 2022 17:36 (UTC +04:00)

France does not intend to retreat from steps against Azerbaijan. On the contrary, it deals with further expanding the scale of this activity. Paris clearly demonstrates an enmity position against Azerbaijan. France, which tried to cover up its non-constructive activities as co-chairman of the former Minsk Group while our territories were under occupation for 30 years, does not see the need to do so anymore. Because it understands that there is no need, and how to say, it plays openly. Unwilling to reconcile with the fact that the Minsk Group has gone to the dustbin of history, and that it has lost its role as a mediator, Paris demonstrates a clear disrespect against the territorial integrity, the sovereignty of Azerbaijan, and open support to separatist ruins in Karabakh.

During the 44-day Patriotic War, France went down in history as the country that opposed the righteous struggle of Azerbaijan. It is known very well in Azerbaijan and friendly countries to Azerbaijan. France’s steps taken both during the 44-day war and in the post-war period made an eternal place in the memory of the Azerbaijani people. From now on, France will never be accepted and remembered as a friend in Azerbaijan. Then France, which was not content with passing a series of resolutions against Azerbaijan in the French Senate and the National Assembly, also embraced Araik Arutunyan, the head of the separatist tribe temporarily sheltered by Russian peacekeepers in Karabakh, and organized his visit. Araik Harutunyan, together with other members of the separatist tribe, has been enjoying French hospitality on the banks of the Seine River for several days.

France openly supports separatism by inviting the "leader" of the so-called bandit regime that once "existed" in the lands of Azerbaijan, undermining international law, political culture, and interstate relations.

This action is a clear disrespect shown by official Paris to all provisions of international law regarding the territorial integrity and sovereignty of states.

It seems that the French government continues to act bold-faced as it does not bear responsibility for its actions and is sure that will not stand before international law. However, Paris should not forget that it has enough opportunities and resources to take similar steps against it. The people of Corsica have been fighting for their freedom for years, suffering from the pressures and repressions of the French authorities. The steps taken by Paris provoke Baku to invite the Corsican leader to Azerbaijan in the same way and organize his meetings here. It will be interesting to see what France's reaction will be if the leader of the Corsican Freedom Movement is officially invited to Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan has not been taking such steps as it respects international law, territorial integrity, and sovereignty of states. But if France's provocations continue, official Baku should respond to the provocateur in its own language because there is no other way out in response to Paris's steps.

Strangely enough, on which status does France accept gang-leader Araik? By any chance, isn’t France state which has centuries of history ashamed of welcoming “the leader” of the non-existent so-called regime that doesn’t have any status with open arms?

Some senators in France who are played like a fiddle by the Armenian diaspora and lobby, sticking to their beliefs, held meetings with the members of the Araik’s gang. The members of the Senate— Valerie Boyer, Patrick Kanner, as well as the Île-de-France Region’s president Valerie Pecresse who are at the forefront of anti-Azerbaijani activities and others, showed solidarity with the separatist gang and voiced statements that condemn Azerbaijan. Some of those meetings were held in the building of the Senate. Receiving a separatist gang at the Senate building which is considered the cradle of the democracy, it is clear that French politicians who think nothing of international law, and UN charters dance under the jingle of the coins they took from the Armenian lobby. The main thought-provoking point is that the official Paris made it possible and supported separatism.

By embracing Arutunyan, France is not only turning its back on the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity but must also be aware that it makes a precedent that will lead to tragic consequences for itself. It would be better for Paris to direct the attention, which it pays to the "leader" of the non-existent so-called regime by supporting separatism, to the righteous requirements of the peoples of Corsica and New Caledonia.

Although the French Foreign Ministry declared that these visits were not organized at the state level, and the anti-Azerbaijani resolutions adopted in the Senate and the National Assembly did not reflect the position of the government, these fairy tales have long been over for Azerbaijan. It is already clear who is who. It is long past time for Paris, which has not yet given up its intention to mediate, to convince Baku of its stupid statements and lies. The claim of France that received the criminal leader of the so-called separatist regime after all of these happenings as an official guest, to actively participate in the normalization process between Azerbaijan and Armenia, its attempts to forcibly include in the Brussels process are nothing but political shamelessness. But Azerbaijan will never allow France to realize this intention. Official Paris must understand this at least. Because everything is clear.

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