Chairman of Turkish Parliament comments on “Armenian genocide” resolution: “200-years history of US is very bloody and dirty”

Chairman of Turkish Parliament comments on “Armenian genocide” resolution: “200-years history of US  is very bloody and dirty”
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“We don’t consider correct the adoption of decisions on historical events by parliaments”, said Mustafa Sentop, Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (GNAT) while commenting on the adoption of a resolution on the so-called “Armenian genocide” by the US Senate, APA reports.

M. Sentop said there were 100 senators in the US Senate: “We know well that if we pose a question to any senator about the essence of this decision adopted by them, they won’t be able to say two or three sentences about it. The decisions adopted by parliaments are political decisions. If we turn historical events into tool of policy, then the international, intergovernmental relations will come to a deadlock”.

Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey stated that 200 years' history of the US is very bloody and dirty: “There was trade of Africa-originated people as a slave in this history. Violence against Hindus is still going on. These cases have not ended in many countries of the world yet. We witness the US conducts political and military operations, which are contrary to international law, and kill civilians in many places of the world. The US has conducted bombing operations in the Ghouta region of Syria by pretexting the use of chemical weapons a while ago. In this regard, a journalist, preparing an article on the realities of the issue and working as a journalist in an important magazine, was dismissed as they tried to prevent reveal of their dirty operations.”

M. Sentop brought to notice that if parliaments would have to adopt decisions regarding such issues if the Turkish parliament would start to adopt decisions regarding only the history of the USA, it would be necessary to allocate at least one year to implementation of this job: “We don’t have any concerns about our history. In 2005, then Prime Minister, currently President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared that both Turkey and Armenia should open their archives, and the historians should conduct research regarding this issue. We are not afraid of anything, and we opened our archives. But although 15 years have passed since that declaration, Armenia still can’t open its archives, because they know that if they open their archives, then the slander cast on Turkey by the world countries will be revealed. The parliaments shouldn’t use such events as a political tool”.

M. Sentop noted that the so-called “Armenian genocide” issue has been on the agenda of the US Senate before, as well, but a decision has not been adopted: “During the visit of Turkish President to the US, the decision was postponed for two times. Now if your problem is related to Armenians, 1915 events, why have not you adopted such a decision in this regard so far, but now? When there appears a controversial issue between US and Turkey they pursue a policy by abusing Armenians and 1915 events. Nobody benefits from it. It demonstrates a very negative picture from Turkey-US relations point of view.”

Ramiz Mikayıloğlu

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