Latest structural and staff changes by President: transition to new management model - ANALYSIS

Latest structural and staff changes by President: transition to new management model - ANALYSIS
# 30 November 2019 17:00 (UTC +04:00)

The President has started revolutionary structural and staff changes in legislative and executive bodies. The reforms implemented in phased manner beginning from the start of this year, is already continued in a new phase. It can be claimed definitely that the economic and political design of Azerbaijan is completely renovated. The orders signed by the head of the country yesterday point at the fact that the fundamental reforms and “more democracy” strategy have become functional.

President Aliyev in addition to the structure of executive bodies, also transforms the legislative body. Even the external observers have noted that the political line conducted by the President includes not only the elements of political technology, but also the replacement of traditional and outdated management system with completely new methodology. The head of the country embarks on a great reform and defines the priorities in the country’s new direction of economic and political development.

From this point of view, the orders signed in the recent days by President Aliyev represent a specially great significance.

Thus, the leader of the country Ilham Aliyev has made a real step in the area of improvement of activity of the Presidential Administration. The reorganization of structure of this body can also be called as foundation for transition to new management model. Thus, the President’s new assistants have been appointed by the orders of the country’s leader, their number has been increased to 9, and among the persons appointed to these positions, there are completely new, young personalities. At the same time, the heads of divisions of the Presidential Administration have been appointed, some divisions, for instance, the position of assistant for public and political issues-head of department was abolished. All these measures are evaluated as the steps which will ensure more fundamental reorganization of activity of the executive power.

Another important point of these measures is the issue of choice of time. Speaking more clearly, the discussions started in the wider community after the well-known appeal of the member of Parliament representing the ruling New Azerbaijan Party regarding the dissolution of Azerbaijani Parliament. Under such circumstances, the announcement of new list of structure of the Presidential Administration, abolition of some departments and the actual refusal of the government of the function of control over civil society and media institutions can be considered as a quite important measure in terms of freedom of press and thought. This measure was characterized as a “new media era” in social networks and public opinion.

Shortly speaking, the recent decisions of President Ilham Aliyev create new environment for civil solidarity in the country.

President Aliyev took determined measures. In this process, the head of state relied on neither ruling team, nor international organizations. The main factor for him is the direct contact with ordinary citizens. The President prefers a completely different approach. As a result of implementation of this approach, a deadly blow is also dealt to the arguments of those who attempt to put pressure by such additional “means of intimidation” as “revolution” and “commotion”.

President Ilham Aliyev demonstrated once again that he supports serious changes. He solves problems, but he does this using a new approach. There is a subtle point in this issue. The President is determined to make cardinal changes, besides being a pragmatic and progressive politician. The recent measures also showed that the President supported economic reforms and democratic transformation. In fact, President Ilham Aliyev, being a serious specialist in international relations, demonstrated that the “imitated democracy” model mostly defended by some state officials was unsatisfactory and embarked on serious reforms. The leader of the country also managed to prevent possible future cataclysms. The leader of the country taking into consideration the rate of growth and reduction of social and economic indicators, also ensured liberalization of election legislation in order to prevent by democratic method the spontaneous protest voting in the future elections.

The recent measures of President Ilham Aliyev can also be characterized as an innovative policy. The positive expectations of the public prove true.

It is also worth mentioning that against the background of the liberal intentions of the President, the government couldn’t retain the independent media under its control. In these terms, the government’s refusal of control over independent media (just the control, and not the support to media) can be called as a very good beginning.

Even the critics of the head of the state think that the recent measures of Ilham Aliyev are a policy directed on protection of independence and implementation of political, economic and social reforms.

All these processes improve prestige of the government. The mainstream voters will support the President in any election.

It is worth mentioning at this point that at the event dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Baku State University, President Aliyev stated his dissatisfaction with the ideological work. In fact, this thesis of the country’s leader was a call for reorganization of free media in the country. In his previous speeches, President Aliyev stated almost in plain language that the old policy wasn’t and can’t be effective in the new times.

Thus, the leader of the country extended his hand to the wider community and independent press. The matter is that the media is an important integral part of community and economy and fundamental reforms should be implemented in this area as well. The support of development of independent media can ensure development of free and fair relations in the wider community. President stressed many times that the media had become the arena of personal confrontation of some state officials and they should quit such intrigues. It was possible to compose various combinations of measures for solution of this problem. But the leader of the country has used a more well-tried method and has chosen the stimulation method in order to expand the limits of criticism for the media because the media is one of the main institutions which supports the reforms.

President Aliyev in his historic speech dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the BSU also stated that some foreign forces attempted to impede the implementation of the reforms course. The leader of the country stressed that the “colored revolutions” brought forth destructions and personally became an author of the creative, progressive and revolutionary changes.

Now another phase is on course: to solve the remaining problems after implementation of the changes and to implement broader, large-scale reforms... And greater reforms could be implemented with a new team, and the leader of the country has fundamentally renovated his team.

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