Why Azerbaijan provided financial aid to Lebanon? - COMMENTARY

Why Azerbaijan provided financial aid to Lebanon? - COMMENTARY
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The strong explosion broken out in the capital of Lebanon Beirut City on August 4, has already occupied the world’s agenda for a few days. After the death of at least 135 people and wounding of over 4000 people as a result of the terrible explosion that occurred in Beirut, Lebanon is in the mourning. The specialists of the Sheffield University of the United Kingdom said the strength of the explosion equals to 1/10 of the strength of the nuclear bomb thrown down on Japan’s Hiroshima island during the World War II and characterized it as an "undoubtedly one of the strongest non-nuclear explosions in the history".

This tragedy took place in Lebanon has also been approached sensitively by Azerbaijan as the country that constantly makes contributions to humanism and peace in the world. The President of Azerbaijan noted in his condolence letter to his Lebanese counterpart written on August 5 that the financial aid will be provided to the Republic of Lebanon for the elimination of the complications created by the tragedy.

Just on the same day, Prime Minister Ali Asadov signed an order about the provision of financial aid to the Republic of Lebanon. Based on the order, taking into consideration the need of the Republic of Lebanon in the humanitarian aid for the elimination of results of the occurred tragedy, the funds in the amount equivalent to $ 1 000 000 (one million) will be allocated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan from the reserve fund envisaged in the state budget of the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2020 in order to provide financial aid to that country.

Regrettably, it is already two days that the speculations are committed around the nature of the aid on social networks and via some mass media outlets, and the pieces of information aimed at the confusion of the wide public have been disseminated.

Firstly, this is about the contribution made to the international community in the humanitarian sphere and the image of the states on the world arena. After the occurrence of the explosion and destructions in Beirut, most states of the world and even Israel being at serious military and political conflict and at war with Lebanon offered aid to that country. It is also necessary to mention Turkey among the countries providing aid to Lebanon in this hard situation faced by it. That country immediately sent to Lebanon an aircraft carrying medical workers and medical supplies, and the support messages were expressed at the highest level.

Secondly, Lebanon is a member of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and has a special position among Arab states. The Lebanese government has been constantly issuing official statements supporting Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity in connection with Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno Garabagh conflict. The recognition of Armenia as the aggressor by Lebanon as one of 120 member states of the Non-Aligned Movement at the XVIII Summit Meeting of heads of states and governments of the member countries of the Movement held in Baku in autumn of 2019 can be mentioned as the last act of support.

The purpose of such provocations is to damage the relations between Azerbaijan and Lebanon. The official position of Lebanon side is that this country supports the solution of Armenia-Azerbaijan, Nagorno Garabagh conflict on the basis of the resolutions of the UN Security Council and norms and principles of international law. Thirdly, there is diplomatic maneuvers issue in the international arena. Of course in some countries of the Middle East, as well as in Lebanon there are Armenians who are living there for a long time, and a large number of Armenians. Even people with Armenian surnames can be seen at different times in the high seats of the political elite of the country. At the same time, there is information about that there are Armenian terrorist groups’ camps in the region too. The effectiveness of such humanitarian steps and diplomatic moves in the international arena in order to weaken the strong position of the Armenians should not be denied.

It is centuries that Armenian people are living compactly in various parts of the world because they do not have a central state. They have gained strongholds in political elites of the countries where they live and at the expense of these strongholds, they are implementing ugly information war against Azerbaijan. Even especially in the first years of our independence, they could take steps in some countries which damaged the relations between Azerbaijan and those countries. However, starting from the beginning of 2000, official Baku could manage to make significant progress in bilateral relations with the state where the positions of Armenians were strong, but relations with Azerbaijan were weak. As a result of this, for example, we witness that Latin American countries support the position of official Baku regarding recent military provocations of Armenia against Azerbaijan. We should confess that in this field not only for Latin America but also approach among CSTO countries was not in favor of our country.

However, as a result of a rational foreign policy pursued, until yesterday, each of the CSTO members on which Armenia relied has more developing relations with Baku than with Yerevan.

The political, military, economic relations of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan with Azerbaijan have developed many times more than the relations of these countries with Armenia. We may include Greece in the list of countries with which Azerbaijan has recently achieved a diplomatic breakthrough. Athens' joining to the TAP project and economic factors in bilateral relations have resulted that official Athens also left Yerevan alone recently. As a result of the systematic foreign policy course pursued, we have witnessed Armenia was not supported by any world country  (except Greek Cyprus) during April events 2016 and the provocation in July of this year. Even the Kremlin, on which Yerevan has relied until yesterday, prefers to remain as a spectator in military incidents between Azerbaijan and Armenia occurred in recent years. Thus, the activity of President Ilham Aliyev to strengthen the strongholds of independence of our country is obvious.

Under the leadership of Ilham Aliyev who prefers a rational and cold-blooded concept in the course of foreign policy, Azerbaijan's international prestige further increased. The number of friends of our country increased, new ones are added to the list of countries wishing to ally with us. Azerbaijan was recognized and accepted as a reliable partner in the world. Even pro-Armenian lobbyists and politicians also note that President Ilham Aliyev is one of the strongest diplomats in the world. Today, Azerbaijan which is a small country geographically and located in a very sensitive region is not the only a participant but also in many cases an organizer of the greatest projects on a regional and international scale. This is possible with the decision that made on time and in place...

Political scientist Zaur Mammadov

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