Azerbaijan dissatisfied with counting of votes in Eurovision 2014 song contest

 Azerbaijan dissatisfied with counting of votes in Eurovision 2014 song contest
# 15 May 2014 09:41 (UTC +04:00)

Baku – APA. The European Broadcasting Union announced the results of the voting in the final of Eurovision 2014 song contest that took place in Copenhagen, Denmark on May 10, PR manager of ITV's "Big Stage" program Narmina Mammadova told APA.

She said that points given by the judges and the audience were shown separately and it let us see the difference and doubt on the counting of final results: “Professional jury from 37 countries gave high points to Azerbaijan's representative Dilara Kazimova placing her in the 8th place, but finally she ranked the 22nd place. What actually happened in Eurovision 2014 song contest? Dilara's song "Start a Fire" was welcomed by journalists, fans and bookmakers before the contest. Dilara’s song has been included in TOP-12 songs of bookmakers and TOP-5 songs on Eurovision websites till the final of the contest. Dilara performed at number 3 in the final that seems to have a negative impact on the voting. Performing numbers have been determined by the local organizers of the contest since 2013, while allocation draw was held among representatives in Eurovision 2012 song contest that took place in Baku. The jury placed Dilara in the 8th place, but the audience in the 21st place. Then an unexpected thing happened, Dilara Kazimova ranked the 22nd place. Besides, the Italian representative who scored the same points with Dilara, ranked the 21st place”.

N. Mammadova noted that Azerbaijan is not the only country which suffers from the new system. “Polish representatives Donatan and Cleo were placed in the 1st place by the Great Britain audience but the jury placed them in the last place. Consequently, in accordance with the new rules, Poland didn’t receive a point from Great Britain. It means that the audience’s decision was neglected. Another misinterpretation is about Norway. Norwegian representative who was placed by the audience in the 17th place and by the jury in the 9th place, ranked the 23rd. In the final table he was in the 8th place.

Final voting table of “Eurovision” - TOP-10


Voting by jury

Voting by audience

Final result


Austria - 224 points

Austria - 311 points

Austria - 290 points


Netherlands - 203 points

Netherlands - 222 points

Netherlands - 238 points


Sweden - 201 points

Armenia - 193 points

Sweden - 218 points


Hungary - 138 points

Sweden - 190 points

Armenia - 174 points


Armenia - 125 points

Poland - 162 points

Hungary - 143 points


Malta - 119 points

Russian - 132 points

Ukraine - 113 points


Finland – 114 points

Switzerland - 114 points

Russia - 89 points


Azerbaijan - 108 points

Ukraine - 112 points

Norway - 88 points


Norway - 102 points


- 103 points

Denmark - 74 points


Denmark - 85 points

Hungary - 98 points

Spain - 74 points

Azerbaijan - 26 points

Azerbaijan - 33 points