Azerbaijani Eurovision representative: “I believe that we have chance to win again” - PHOTO - INTERVIEW

Azerbaijani Eurovision representative: “I believe that we have chance to win again” - <span style="color: red;">PHOTO  - <span style="color: red;">INTERVIEW
# 05 May 2014 12:04 (UTC +04:00)

- What performance at Eurovision stage means for Dilara Kazimova?

- I’m taking pride in representing Azerbaijan at Eurovision song Contest. The Europeans, who already know about enrichment of Azerbaijani music, will witness again that Azerbaijani musicians cope with each genre. I’ll do my best to properly represent Azerbaijan which has rich music culture and justify hopes on me. It’s a great responsible for me to represent my country in this contest.

- Two trainings have already been left behind. What impressions did the stage made on you?

- Our team is seriously preparing for Semi-Final performance. I felt myself more comfortable at the stage during the trainings. My performance at the stage is accompanied with a lady acrobatically moving on the string at the height. I’m ready to perform in the semi-final. I believe that the spectators will enjoy our performance and vote for us.

- What did you feel during your performance at the stage?

- Excitement and responsibility. Of course, as it is related to my country but not only to me, I feel its excitement more. Actually, this is a pleasant excitation because it’s arisen from justifying hopes on me. However, let me acknowledge that I feel responsible more than excitement. I’m sure that we’ll cope with this issue with a honest.

- In this year’s contest, the songs mainly consist of ballades. What makes your song different from others?

- Unlike the others, our song does not deal with love. The different aspect of our music is that the song challenges the people to the unity. It deals with remembering past while taking step forward.

- With your performance what message do you mean to convey to the audience at “Eurovision” stage?

- The song means that a simple spark can make a fire. The idea of the music is devoted to mutual attention and care of people. I am sure that kindness is a chain reaction. If you show kindness to anybody, you can expect kindness of life. We should believe it. Let’s make our world beautiful because we are part of it.

- From which country do you expect high points?

- Of course, I expect high points from every country. I believe our performance in this year will also be highly assessed by the spectators.

- Do you have favorites among your competitors?

- There are very strong songs and performances. It’s difficult ton name the favorites. However, we have good relations with some participants such as the representatives of Russia, Latvia, Hungary and Poland.

- What would you like to say to world Azerbaijanis on the eve of semi-final?

- I’m expecting support from world Azerbaijanis. I know that everyone is with me. I rely on myself and believe that we have chance to win again.