"Diamed Co": Coronavirus threat does not increase syringe sales in the country

"Diamed Co": Coronavirus threat does not increase syringe sales in the country
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  • calendar-gray 25 February 2020

““Diamed Co” Company is yet engaged in production syringes only. By the end of this year, the assortment of our products will be increased by 6 varieties. But no production of masks has been envisaged among those new products”, said the director of “Diamed Co” LLC syringe producing factory Samira Huseynova in a statement to APA.

She said the list of the new products includes the vital medical supplies – syringe, catheter and serum tubes: “Today, the artificial growth of price of masks is observed in drugstores. The shortage of masks is developing in the country due to coronavirus anxiety, and what would happen if the shortage of syringes is developed? It is possible to stay at home without a mask, but it is impossible to get along without a syringe”.

S. Huseynova noted that in regard with the current situation, the sales of the syringes haven’t grown in the country: “But our production activity is being continued at full capacity. The production is implemented in the same way yet. No greater demand has developed in the country, and if such a demand appears, we will be able to fully satisfy the country’s demand for syringes. There is not any problem. We have ready products in our warehouses, and we continue our production activity”. 

Asmar Gabil

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