AFSA: Azerbaijan is considered risky country of bird flu

AFSA: Azerbaijan is considered risky country of bird flu
  • Clock-gray 17:48
  • calendar-gray 28 January 2021

“The main goal of monitoring avian influenza is to determine if there are birds with suspected highly pathogenic avian flu in family farms, in nature", Chief State Veterinary Inspector of the Republic Galib Abdulaliyev said in an online program "Safe Food" broadcasted on the Facebook social network of the Azerbaijan Food Security Agency (AFSA), APA reports.

According to him, during the monitoring conducted in November and December last year, as well as in January of this year, no suspicions of the disease arose.

He noted that this season the trend of growth of highly pathogenic avian flu continues: “This disease exists in Europe and at the same time in a number of countries with which we have established extensive trade relations, in Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine. We are already taking adequate measures. Avian influenza spreads through migratory birds. In our country there are permanent and temporary habitats for migratory birds. Therefore, Azerbaijan is included in the risk group for this disease. "


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