All-time high number of coronavirus cases registered worldwide in past week, says WHO

All-time high number of coronavirus cases registered worldwide in past week, says WHO
# 25 November 2020 09:08 (UTC +04:00)

Over 4 million people contracted the novel coronavirus infection worldwide in the past seven days, which is the highest-ever weekly growth in cases since the start of the pandemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Tuesday, APA reports citing TASS.

The number of fatalities increased by more than 67,000 all over the world, the global organization said.

According to the WHO, a total of 4,060,891 cases of the novel coronavirus and 67,221 deaths were registered worldwide in the past seven days. Last week, 3,977,223 new cases and 59,699 fatalities were documented.

However, the organization believes that last week’s figures indicate a slowdown in the pandemic’s pace. The downward trend is being observed in Europe and Southeast Asia. At the same time, North and South Americas reported growth in both new cases and fatalities.

Although the overall number of cases in Africa has been relatively low compared to other regions, it posted the highest growth in cases (up 15%) and fatalities (up 30%).

Europe accounts for the majority of all cases registered on November 16-22, with about 1.7 million cases and over 32,600 deaths. The situation also remains difficult in North and South America, with over 1.6 million new cases and almost 22,000 deaths registered in the reported period. Some 351,000 people contracted the illness in Southeast Asia in the past seven days, while the death toll increased by 4,700.

The case count increased by more than 1.1 million in the United States, by over 281,000 in India, by almost 236,000 in Italy, by more than 209,000 in Brazil, by over 171,000 in France and by over 163,000 in Russia.

The infection has also been spreading rapidly in Poland (over 152,000 new cases), the United Kingdom (over 149,000), Germany (over 127,000) and Iran (over 91,000) in the past week.