Armenians destroyed Zangilan cemetery and removed gold teeth of bodies - In the footsteps of Victory

Armenians destroyed Zangilan cemetery and removed gold teeth of bodies - In the footsteps of Victory
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  • calendar-gray 23 January 2021

As time passes, historical justice, albeit late, always finds its place. Exactly as the liberation of Karabakh from the occupation, which is ancient and eternal Azerbaijani land.

That is right, we gave thousands of martyrs in this path, we had wounded people. However, we did not turn back from our path. And what did Armenians during nearly 30 years?, APA TV reports.

Armenia which has made vandalism the main line of state policy, along with plundering our occupied territories, they almost completely destroyed our historical monuments, mosques and tombs, cemeteries here, during this period.

It is a city cemetery located in the center of Zangilan. The ancient cemetery in Zangilan, where thousands of people had to sleep comfortable, but could not sleep, was one of the main places where Armenian " hyaenas" committed atrocities during the 27 years of occupation.

Currently, we are in one of the cemeteries located in the territory of Zangilan. It seems that Armenian vandalism has not left the souls of our dead alone for 27 years too. In order to take gold teeth of the bodies, Armenians dug the head side of the graves and destroyed bones here.

As well as it is impossible to find a single grave made of white and black marble in the cemetery. The enemy even has not refrained from stealing tombstones in order to gain easy income.

You see one more grave destroyed by Armenians. Such graves destroyed by Armenians can be found not only in Zangilan but also in other liberated territories from the occupation.”

Several Zangilan residents coming to the cemetery can not find graves of their loved ones. Although Zangilan resident Mirafig Ahmadov found the grave of his grandfather Mirali aga, one of the prominent clerics of the region, there are no traces of the tomb built on the grave: “We came to the cemetery to visit our holy graves. When we visited my Agha’s dome, we saw that a dome, our place of trust had been destroyed. They put it in such a situation that the whole grave was destroyed. We restored the grave again, so that the bones would not be visible. No one touches sacred places in the world. However, they touched our holy graves.”

The city mosque is located a little far from Zangilan cemetery. We visited there on our way. It is said that the mosque was built in the XVII century by Safavids.  As the stone inscription of the architectural complex was destroyed by Armenian bandits, we could not get accurate information about its architect. Zangilan Mosque, used by Armenians as a barn for many years, at one time was considered as the most beautiful architectural pearls of the region:

Currently, we are in Zangilan mosque. There were more than 10 such mosques in the territory of the region, and each of them was destroyed by Armenians.

Before the occupation, Zangilan was one of the cultural center of Azerbaijan with its ancient history, historical monuments, its architectural style. In October of 1993, when Armenians occupied the region, there were 70 independent libraries under the Cultural department of Zangilan district, district Cultural House, 8 village Cultural House, 54 village clubs, 7 auto club, 3 cultural tents, 3 museums, 4 children's music schools, culture and recreation park, 54 village clubs, 6 registered and unregistered mosques, and hundreds of historical and architectural monuments.







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