Azerbaijan’s ethnic community leaders issued statement: We strongly condemn Armenia's military aggression and provocations in Tovuz region

Azerbaijan’s ethnic community leaders issued statement: We strongly condemn Armenia's military aggression and provocations in Tovuz region
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  • calendar-gray 20 July 2020

Ethnic community leaders in the Republic of Azerbaijan have issued a joint statement, Baku International Multiculturalism Center told APA.

“We on behalf of the peoples of Azerbaijan, which we represent, strongly condemn military aggression acts, provocations committed by Armenia in Tovuz region of Azerbaijan, from July 12, 2020, and evaluate it as an ugly activity directed against the peaceful resolution of Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno Garabagh conflict. We also note that Armenia’s political leadership seriously hindered the establishment of peace and security in the region, with its irresponsible and yucky acts, on the other hand, with another defeat, it has dragged its people into chaos and misery and deepened the internal political crisis. As a result of these aggressive acts, more than 10 servicemen of Azerbaijan, as well as high-ranked officials and one civilian have died.”

The statement says as at the beginning of the conflict, today, there are also hundreds of representatives of nationalities living in Azerbaijan – soldiers and officers in the ranks of our national army: "Also, today, the representatives of various nationalities have appealed to the State Service for Mobilization and Conscription in response to the call of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev with the wish to serve in the army voluntarily, to protect the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, and to liberate our lands from the offensive enemy. There is no nationality in Azerbaijan that wouldn’t sustain martyrs in the fight for this sacred goal. But we don’t distinguish between the martyrs by their ethnic origin, language, and religion. Each of our heroes who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of our lands is dear to us, they are our brave children, brothers, and we bow our heads with esteem in front of their souls.

Armenia has repeatedly tried to sow the seeds of strife among nationalities living in Azerbaijan, to create artificial confrontation, but they couldn’t achieve their nasty intention. On the contrary, their dirty provocations, the crimes committed by them against the civil population, the martyrs offered by us in the combat regions further expand our ranks, increase the feeling of hatred against the occupant enemy, make more unbreakable the unity and brotherhood links between our nationalities.

We also know well that representatives of different nations lived in the present-day Republic of Armenia, which is a historical territory of Azerbaijan. However, as a result of fascism, ethnic cleansing, nationalism, and ethnophobia pursued at the level of state policy in Armenia this country officially became a monoethnic state, representatives of other nations were expelled from their native lands through open threats and pressure. Therefore, Armenia's presentation of itself as a «friend and protector» of the peoples living in Azerbaijan in the information war against Azerbaijan does not fit into any moral norms, and clearly shows that there are ugly motives behind this activity. The greatest wealth of our homeland Azerbaijan is its ethnic diversity, the historical unity, and brotherhood of all the peoples living here. The fact that no ethnic and religious conflicts have occurred in our country so far has irritated our enemies and this is a bright manifestation of our spiritual unity, the national policy pursued by the Republic of Azerbaijan.
We condemn the provocations conducted by Armenia on border regions and on the frontline of the troops and we declare unanimously: Armenia and its supporters should know well that Azerbaijan is our homeland. Every inch of the land is holy and dear to us. We say with confidence that we Azerbaijanis - all peoples of Azerbaijan, regardless of their ethnic and religious identity, are ready today and always to be at the forefront of the struggle for the territorial integrity of our homeland and the cleansing of our lands from the enemy. Our unity, love, and devotion to the Motherland - staunch!

Imamverdi Hamidov - Talysh Cultural Center,
Mikhail Zabelin - Russian Community in Azerbaijan,
Mahammad Nooyev - Azerbaijan-Avar Community Public Union, 
Milikh Yevdayev - Baku Mountain Jews Religious Community,
Elman Ahmadov - “Azeri” Tat Cultural Center Public Union,
Robert Mobili - Albanian-Udi Christian Religious Community of the Republic of Azerbaijan,
Ahmade Hapo - Elder of the Kurdish community of Azerbaijan, 
Imran Rzayev,  - “Samur” Lezgi National Center,
Aleksandr Sharovski - Baku Religious Community of European Jews,
Rafig Abdullayev - Budug Charity Society,
Guljan Miasautova - “Tuqan tel” Tatar Cultural Society,
Ismayıl Rahimov - “Vatan" Public Union of Ahiska Turks living in Azerbaijan,  
Sevinj Bulajova  - Ingiloy Community,
Rafael Qvaladze - Georgian community living in Azerbaijan,
Yuri Osadchenko - Azerbaijan Ukrainian Congress Public Union," the statement reads.

Gunay Elshadgizi

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