Azerbaijani Health Ministry announces rules of proper use of medical gloves

Azerbaijani Health Ministry announces rules of proper use of medical gloves
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  • calendar-gray 01 April 2020

“Recently, in connection with the current situation, the issue of proper use of medical gloves has not fallen from the agenda. The misuse of medical gloves by some citizens and even the view of “gloves” thrown on the ground after use on the streets has caused concern,” Analytical Expertise Center of the Ministry of Health told APA.

Taking into consideration it, instructive information regarding the use of medical gloves, which is actual for the population, has been prepared. Information in this regard will be placed on the website of the Center regularly: “The information aims at informing people. The Center’s authorities do not include implementation of the provision of pharmacies with medical equipment, indicated in the information. One of the main duties of the Center is the protection of the health of the population by controlling quality.”

 It has been noted in “The use of gloves” informative sheet that if the instruction regarding the hand hygiene is before the contract that requires the use of gloves, then the hand hygiene should be carried out before wearing the gloves, however, if the instruction on hand hygiene is after the contact that requires gloves, then hand hygiene should be carried out after taking off the gloves. If instruction on hand hygiene occurs in the period while the medical worker is wearing gloves, the gloves should be taken off, hygienic antiseptic of hands should be carried out or hands should be washed with soap.

The information sheet says the impact of the practice of use of gloves on the compliance with the rules of the provision of hands’ hygiene hasn’t been determined with enough confidence, for instance, the published data from a number of researches yield contradictive results. However, when the instruction on hygienic processing of hands is not taken into consideration, this can actually result in the transmission of microorganisms.

It was also stated that by observing the precautionary measures regarding the contacts, the continuous use of gloves without hygienic antiseptic processing of hands can cause transmission of potentially pathogenic microorganisms.

The ministry also disclosed the rules of proper use of surgical gloves.

It was stated that the use of gloves without instruction represents unnecessary consumption of material resources, while it does not help reduction of the rate of cross-transmission of the potentially pathogenic microorganisms. Also, this can cause omission of the cases of necessary hygienic processing of hands. The improper storage and the use of the gloves contaminated due to issuance of wrong techniques of putting on and off the gloves and wrong instructions on the use of gloves can also cause transmission of the potentially pathogenic microorganisms.

As the surgical gloves are single-use facilities, the decontamination and re-use of the gloves are not recommended and this shouldn’t be permitted, although this is even a common practice at a number of medical institutions with scarce material resources and limited stock of gloves. In contemporary times, there is no standardized, reliable, economically advantageous and safe method of reprocessing of gloves. In order to prevent re-use of gloves in medical institutions, all possible measures should be taken including, for instance, implementation of awareness-raising activities in order to reduce the scale of unreliable use of gloves, purchase of high-quality single-use gloves and timely replenishment of stock of gloves.

Asmar Gabil

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