Azerbaijani President: "No-one knows how long the pandemic will last"

Azerbaijani President: "No-one knows how long the pandemic will last"
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  • calendar-gray 08 May 2020

"We are marking the opening of a new hospital of a modular type. This is a very significant event. The opening of any hospital is a significant event,"  President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said at the opening of the first modular hospital complex in Baku, on May 07, 2020, APA reports.

"If we consider the fact that more than 700 healthcare facilities have been built or refurbished in our country over the past 16 years, it is easy to imagine the scope of what has been done. We believe that the already existing hospitals, especially the modern ones, will provide our needs for many years. However, the coronavirus pandemic certainly dictates its own rules, so the construction of new hospitals is inevitable. Of course, the construction of hospitals takes a lot of time – design work, the technical side, the choice of location. I believe that by giving preference to new technologies, we made the right choice, of course – we ensured the construction of modular hospitals which can be quickly assembled, disassembled and moved to another place. I recently informed the public about this, and today we are celebrating the opening of such a hospital. In a matter of one month, a hospital with 200 beds has been commissioned.

Of course, this hospital and the hospitals that will be built in the future will play a major role in the fight against coronavirus. There are plans to build 10 such hospitals in various regions of our country. Of course, the increase in the number of beds plays a special role in the fight against coronavirus for each country.

Currently, we see the experience of some developed countries. We see that due to the lack of beds, patients cannot receive treatment in a timely manner there. Many people infected with coronavirus are not hospitalized at all and stay at home. Of course, it is impossible to treat them and monitor their condition at home.

I believe that our experience in the fight against coronavirus in Azerbaijan is the most progressive and humane because all our patients are placed in hospitals where doctors take care of them day and night. The construction of new hospitals, of course, is designed for the future because the hospitals available now provide for our needs. More than 20 state hospitals, including the newest and most modern “Yeni klinika” hospital with 575 beds, have been made available for the treatment of coronavirus patients. Patients undergo treatment there now. This is the right step for the future because no-one knows how long the pandemic will last. No-one knows its further stages. Therefore, we must be fully prepared," said President Ilham Aliyev.


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