Chief infectiologist warns: “Rules should be complied with so that coronavirus wouldn’t return”

Chief infectiologist warns: “Rules should be complied with so that coronavirus wouldn’t return”
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  • calendar-gray 30 April 2020

“Upon easing of quarantine measures in Azerbaijan, a kind of calming down has developed in people. People think that if the quarantine is being eased, this means that the coronavirus threat has ended”, said Azerbaijan’s chief infectiologist Jalal Isayev in his statement to APA.

He said this is not accurate, still, a sufficient number of infections with this disease is being detected countrywide: “Currently, in our country, approximately 30-35, 40-45 infection cases are recorded daily. Although infection cases have been detected, there are also many recovery cases. The recovery rate already covers over 70 percent of infection cases. And this gives us big hope.

These have been achieved as a result of the taken measures. But the easing of quarantine doesn’t mean that we can do everything we wish. On the contrary, we should be more serious during this period, i.e. the system of measures should be continued. We should obey the rules required from us so that the disease wouldn’t spread again, the phased transition would be sustainable, and finally, the virus would be completely prevented.

Therefore, it is important to wear masks, to stick to hygiene rules and social isolation, to avoid people’s massive gatherings, to observe social distancing – in general, to comply without fail with all the existing recommendations. As a result of the measures taken by health agencies and relevant state institutions, stability has been achieved in our country. The protection of this stability depends on the citizens to a great extent.

If easing has been made in quarantine, people shouldn’t abuse this, it is not recommended to leave home and to go somewhere for unnecessary reasons, the social isolation should be continued”.

Gunay Elshadgizi

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