Facebook launches new app similar to Pinterest

Facebook launches new app similar to Pinterest
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  • calendar-gray 18 February 2020

Facebook launches new app similar to Pinterest, APA reports citing News1.

Today, Facebook is no longer limited to this social network. The business of Mark Zuckerberg owns several very popular apps, including Instagram and
WhatsApp since their respective takeovers, but Facebook is also developing its own new applications. In the utmost discretion, the American company launched Hobbi, an application for sharing photos of cooking, DIY and other artistic achievements.

Hobbi is the brainchild of Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) team, which has already launched 4 apps. The copy of Pinterest seems to be spreading timidly. It is currently only found in the United States, Ukraine, Colombia, Spain and Belgium. It only seems available on iOS.

The Hobbi app is therefore a photo sharing application for various crafts, tutorials and hobbies. It is possible to gather your photos in “visual collections” in order to show your progress or the different stages of a realization. It is also possible to post videos to keep track of your hobbies. A principle that inevitably recalls the very popular Pinterest, even if the declination of Facebook does not seem as complete as the original. Indeed, Hobbi offers fewer features than Pinterest. The app seems more reserved for a personal backup of his creations rather than a more global exhibition since no social functionality is highlighted.

Hobbi also recalls Tangi, the new social network developed by Google which also looks like Pinterest. However, Tangi relies more on videos than on photos.

At present, it is unclear whether Facebook plans to roll out its application more widely. It is possible that the first tests are not conclusive and that Facebook simply decides to throw Hobbi into oblivion.


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