Fakhraddin Goja: “Sinovac vaccine gave expected effect”

Fakhraddin Goja: “Sinovac vaccine gave expected effect”
  • Clock-gray 18:58
  • calendar-gray 11 March 2021

“Research has revealed that the Sinovac vaccine is effective in 80 out of every 100 people, the expected effectiveness of the vaccine. A small number of people who have been vaccinated but become infected have mild COVID-19,” said Turkish Health Minister Fakhraddin Goja in his speech on the annual fight against COVID-19 of his country.

He noted that a new kind of coronavirus infection will not turn into an ordinary disease as flu in a short period: “But a nightmare in 2020 will not continue in the same way this year. The pandemic will soon lose its strength”.

According to the minister, science has dominated the coronavirus.


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